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10 Seconds In Heaven:

This idea came up when i took some colleagues outside for a smoke. I don’t smoke, just in case you’re wondering, but apparently I have developed a love of watching people darken their lungs. I’m kidding.

As they partook in further depleting the Ozone layer, one of them flashed back to a moment he saw a stunning lady at a lounge. She was Muslim and clad in their characteristic Hijab…

Graceful in her manner,she sat down and let the Hijab slide down to reveal her luscious locks and breathtaking features. If it was deliberate it was flawless. If it wasn’t she had a finesse and fluidity that cannot be taught. She reached out for a cigarette. My colleague, lets call him Jazz, was now unabashedly fixated on her.

A little stunned by the fact that she smokes, Jazz looked on at his new object of curiosity. Cleopatra would have been proud of miss mysterious obsession. Holding the cigarette with her dainty fingers, she lit it in one swift movement and took in her first huff. Her puff was perfect if there is such a thing. Her expression remained flawless and not a single feature contoured. For a moment, Jazz wished he could be the cigarette. For that brief interlude, be the recipient of her delicate movements. Those few blissful seconds shifting between her finger and lips.

From that tale was born the cigarette poem. It was a challenge actually. I’m not one to turn down a good challenge so here goes.

If your cigarette could speak, what would it say to you? Drum roll… here goes. Share your thoughts below.


10 Seconds In Heaven

As your dainty fingers take me

My insides get tingly

In the heat of your lighter

I delight in burning for you

I only experience you for a few seconds

but that is more than enough


I wonder why you sit alone

a beauty like you should never be by herself.

but, I am here.

I will keep you company

cloud your air with smoke

like a sequel to a concert

the stage is set

for those few enthralling seconds

I will be your sole focus

and i will fill you


For that moment i will be your only worry

i might not be good for you

but i understand you

i am a part of your life

sometimes an escape

other times a habit developed


But in those 10 seconds

in the oscillations between your lips and fingers

i am yours and you are mine

we are one

and the world is fine.







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Boiling Under- Nothing is just what it seems

Sometimes at work, I feel this extreme hostility in the relations between people and I am left to wonder why. At times from the surface view, things appear to be a little exaggerated and I conclude that maybe I’m just working with a bunch of eccentrics who can’t seem to get along. I’m not one for gossip or rumor mongering but I seem to attract a lot of people to pour out their hearts to me. Maybe it’s my cool exterior or just my smile. I don’t know. I will brainstorm on my charm later. ( I don’t mean to brag 🙂 )

Well, at the restaurant, we have a manager (assistant manager to be specific) who thinks that her God sent mission is to irritate those people that she doesn’t like or have an actual or imagined problem with. You see I thought that she was just the type that has PMS all round the clock but now I just know that she thinks the world owes her something and is late in paying up. Thus she sees it fit to vent her life’s frustrations on innocent co-workers, who in this case are blessed with very sharp tongues. Therefore they do not and will not go down or mistreated without a big and really messy fight. Sometimes I think I was thrown smack right in the middle of world war infinity.

As a management trainee there, I find this working environment a tidbit intimidating because how in the world do you try to run a business when all that is flowing through people’s minds is drama and more drama? To add salt to all that, no one respect the above lady manager. For a just reason as I learnt yesterday. You know when they say that it is critical to keep a clear cut line between your personal life and your work life? Believe me its more than critical. It is the only way to avoid sticky situations, especially if you find it hard to keep your pants on. Back to my story now. The above lady manager had no qualms in stealing the husband to one of the waitress working at the restaurant. I am in no place to judge morality for I too am not perfect but what happened to discretion or even downright shame?  You can imagine all the chaos that must have caused. Plus the resultant lack of respect for the lady manager by all people. I mean, I wasn’t there when all that happened but even before I got the back story, I had noticed that no one regarded her authority in the way that that they revered the operations manager.

I am there to learn. And so far, I have learnt how to behave as well as how to never ever behave if I want to get anywhere in life. Plus I’ve come to learn that nothing is ever as it seems. There is always a back story boiling under.

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