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Still Alive To Me


The walk of life can be daunting

More so for a little scared girl

Looking for her path

Searching for meaning

Longing for understanding

But she found solace

In words.

Found hope in writing

Felt at home in her thoughts

When she got lost in the words you span.


Though worlds apart

I felt it.

Each time your spoke,

I melted.

The lines you wrote

I inhaled them.

My oblivious soul sister

Related only by the stroke of the pen.


You carried me through my roughest patches

We never met but I felt like I knew you

Found traces of my life

Fragments of my thoughts

A bunch of my fears

And a lot of happy tears

From your work


Even if you’re gone

In my heart you live on

I’m honored to have shared in your words

I’m blessed to have bathed in your wisdom

Though I never met you,

And oh how I wish I did,

I’ve always loved you

So rest in peace,

Dr. Maya Angelou.




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