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So Move

The thing with inertia
Is that it’s comfortable
until it’s not
The stagnant thought
The tranquil act
Subtle songs
Brittle brawls
Hiding in corners
Covering flaws

Even if it kills you
Let it scare you stiff
But darn it just move
Let it carry you to  your worst nightmare
Release the reins
Let life happen
Control is an illusion
The stuff that let’s you sleep at night
But you never really control anything
Your hunch was just in sync with fate

when you stop
you torment your very soul
Don’t let your fire swell and burst in angry flames
Let it propel you
Let it drive you to heights unfathomed
Let it ram you against a wall
Let it pass you atop a bed of hot coals

Let the heat of your passion infect the world
Let your mind shout it’s brilliance
Let your veins sing of their bravery
Let your skin boast of kisses from lands afar

Love and be loved
Savor every embrace
Hold dear to those that care
For life is the sum total of  moments
Moments that make your heart smile
Moments that make your belly dance

Life is beautiful if you let it
but you have to move
Because no matter how much you crane your neck
You’ll only see as much as your eyes can carry you
So move
Move and experience it
Don’t sit and wither off
You only live if you move
So move.


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Why I Don’t Love My Fiance

Why I Don’t Love My Fiance

Honestly, I want a man who thinks like this!! Awesome article and a profound lesson.

Michael J. Pittman

In 130 days I’m getting married, and a friend recently asked me why I love my fiancé. I wanted to share a deeper perspective on Amanda and I’s relationship, so before I answered why I love her, I had to first explain to him the reasons I don’t love my future bride to be.

I came to two conclusions:
First is, I don’t love Amanda for what’s on the outside. I know. It sounds cheesy, it sounds sappy. This perspective is not a novel idea by any means. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t love you for what’s on the outside. I love you for what’s on the inside.” But that brings me to my second conclusion.

I don’t love Amanda for what’s on the inside either.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many things on the inside and outside that I love about

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The one-year no dating challenge: madness or revolutionary?

On a scale of one to mad, I’d be afraid to rank myself lest I spook you into running away from my blog. But in many definitions, I will probably not fall under the usual bracket. I’m not priding myself of superhuman abilities or extraordinary gifts like an ego the size of an elephant’s ass. No. I’m afraid I’m rather the boring unusual type. Boring in that I would probably not be a best-selling thriller movie but I would definitely be your trusty friend with an opinion wit from last century and with their head stuck in the clouds.

Why do I choose to start my post with an incomprehensible bio of myself? I don’t know. When I find out I will surely fill you in. I just had the urge to do so. Well, I have been making some changes (as I always seem to be doing these days) and I just made one that will probably be the hardest to pull off. I have just listened to a series of pod casts that have totally flipped my understanding and approach of relationships.

I was just cruising through my laptop trying to sample the stuff I have saved in it that I had not got round to reading or watching. It’s amazing how much content you download or save in your laptop and forget that it even exists. The classic case of good intentions but a gold fish memory. Yea right! Blame the memory and you’re probably the one with the will of a toddler to take charge and consciously do something to better yourself. You know I’m right but I should probably not gloat in your face because it’s in bad taste. Gloat!

So anyway, I found this four part series on the New rules of Love, Sex and dating from the North Community church by pastor Andy Stanley. To say the least, I have finally found my bearing when it comes to relationships. Have you always that feeling that you are running blind in your relationships and you need a pointer to know where you are going or what you are doing? I have felt that all the time. I have always had the fear that what I grew up seeing at home will reappear in my own life, and to be honest, a bit of it has. Most of the time, if we live our relationships on autopilot following our instincts and gut feelings, we will usually end up curving the same path we have experienced, be it unpleasant or not. That’s why I am so thankful for the series.

In a nutshell, the series dispelled the notion of waiting for or searching for the right one. It instead emphasizes on becoming the person that the person you are looking for is looking for. Make sense? Think of it this way. The person you hope for has a set of ideals and traits. Will that person want to look for you just as you are? Will they see you and see eternity or move on to the next person? The truth is that many of us have set a very high bar for our future life partner but we fail to meet the requirements or have the traits that they would love too. This point hit me hard. It was absolutely true. Not that I am not quite a catch as is, but the super human traits I require of my future hubby require me to be a super woman in my own right.

Pastor Andy also went on to challenge people to take one year no dating challenge to renew their minds. Sincerely speaking, I winced at this one. But you know what, I accepted it. On 5th December 2013, I made the vow to go one year without dating to re-evaluate myself and consciously work on myself and my ability to commit. It will be no easy pie but when God is with me, who can be against me? I have also decided to document my progress. On the 5th of each month, I will write about where the deliberate single journey has taken me.

Walk with me on this and then if you’d like to join me, let me know in the comment box below. I could also share the videos with you if you would like them. Please leave a comment below if you would me to send it to you.
Great relationships do not fall from heaven or appear from nowhere. They are results of deliberate work, conscious choices and calculated steps. Be intentional about becoming the person that the person are looking for would want. Cheers!


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Becoming an outlier is easy but not simple.

The speed at which everything around us is moving is astounding. In a few short weeks, life can morph from a boring existence to a world you would have never imagined. You can stumble upon a fact today and in a few hours you might start a global revolution. It does happen, it can happen and it will happen if you really want it to. It is a simple theory but being simple doesn’t mean that it is easy.

I have been reading the book “Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and I feel so enlightened. He explains why the few who achieve notable feats manage to do so. Is it simply sheer hard work or raw talent. Was it a combination of factors unknown that led to that?

The book is profound in many respects and several ideas jumped at me. I’d probably re-write it if given the chance, just to ensure I keep hold of the gems I gathered there. He should probably pay me for over-selling his book because I bet you are already itching to buy it, which you should by all means do.

The idea that slapped me hardest on the face is the 10,000 hour rule. It takes 10,000 hours of back breaking practise and toil before one can be regarded as a world expert and have a paycheck that agrees with that. Do you know how long 10,000 hours is? Approximately 10 whole years! Many marriages these days don’t even a accomplish half of that. He then went on to mention all the people that are currently millionaires. Some of these people were thought to rise out of nowhere and spiralled into the scene with their tsunami waves of success. They did not emerge from nowhere. They arose from their 10,000 hours with the confidence and finesse that only 10,000 hours could give and the world stood up and took notice. From the likes of Steve Jobs, the Beetles, to Bill Gates and even the Music prodigy, Mozart.They all had an impressive amount of work put into their craft before they emerged from “nowhere” and revolutionised the world as we know it.

This made me depressed in the same breath that it made me enlightened. Malcolm Gladwell says that the smartest people aren’t necessarily the most successful. It is those who are willing to put in the herculine effort that do eventually stand out and stun the world. You only have to be smart enough and the rest is dependent on your will power and commitment. This is quite encouraging. What depressed me is the fact that 10 years is so darn long. When we think of success, we want it tomorrow not ten years from now. Blame us for being born in the digital era where everything is a click away.

But what comforts me is that as you put in the hours, people will notice along the way and opportunities start to open up. I noticed this trend in the stories. You did not have to hibernate in an underground practise den for ten years and suddenly emerge ready to sprinkle your awesome onto the world. No. It’s a gradual road. And by the time you clock just a year, you will probably be in quite a good position that will encourage you to keep putting in the hours for the anticipation of that ultimate moment when you will be quoted and cruise in the same lane as Oprah. A girl can dream can’t I? Dreams are free after all.

Do you want to be just good or the best. Do you want to be fine or spectacular? Then get ready to roll up those sleeves and work. Shortcuts are for computers. The only way to get to the top is by wearing those climbing boots and start your journey. You will have a large crowd with you at the starting line, but by the time you will have gone half, the numbers will have drastically reduced. The spotlight will then start shining on you and after a short while, people will take notice and they will send choppers to hoist you and cruise you to the top. You only have to be willing to start.


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The tragedy of a half-hearted life

A great tragedy befell our country just last week when terrorist unleashed unknown terror to innocent shoppers at the Westgate mall. I was heartbroken and I even felt slightly guilty because I was busy having fun at the Safari Sevens rugby tournament as others were in anguish. But let me not lie, the rugby series was loads of mad fun! I had a great time and scream my voice hoarse.
2013-09-21 17.28.13

Many people are outraged that there were prior intelligence reports on the impending attack and yet no one took any measures. I will not join the bandwagon that is pointing fingers and rebuking the government. Although the Government deserves every bit of scolding that they could get, I chose to take a more personal approach to this Westgate issue.

The take home lessons from this unfortunate incident are numerous. But the story that broke my heart and brought me to tears was that of the president’s late nephew and his late fiancée. A love wrought in heaven ending in a way so tragic. Two hearts destined to mesh together for life until death do them part. Little did they know that they would live to fulfil that vow even before they took it. Child hood friends who eventually fell in love just two years ago and had the type of love that few only dream about. The type that would inspire the most beautiful poetry and songs. Sort of divine in fact. Call me emotional but I’m even tearing up as I write this.
The president’s nephew, Mbugua, had just left his aunt’s house to announce the great news of their engagement and upcoming wedding before heading to Westgate to do some shopping with his fiancée. They were seated in one of the restaurants having Lunch before the terrorists struck. Mbugua died trying to shield his fiancée from the spraying bullets. The post-mortem shows that they died from bullet shots at the same spots on the chest indicating that they were embracing as they had their last moments. They were together even in death. Their impulse was to hold on to each other come what may. Close even when they knew that the end was neigh. Mbugua’s selflessness and bravado is reminiscent of a Kenyan Romeo and Juliet. A love so deep, that not even death could scare you.

I want to have that. I want to have someone who will love me so deeply that he would give his all for me. I want to love so sincerely that I can’t imagine my life without him. I want the same intensity. I want unbridled passion and devotion. I want what they had. How many times in life have you done something with so much intensity that if you stooped you’d get hurt by the sheer force of inertia? Our half-hearted approach to all of life’s’ dealings is our very undoing. Never really fully committing to a particular thing. Always saving a part of you for some unfathomed future that never seems to come. It’s the tragedy of living an experiment at a time, as opposed to a day at a time.

It’s more common than not, that we are constantly holding back. Sometimes it’s because of insecurities, laziness, passiveness, mediocrity, complacency or simply fear. It’s a daily tragedy when we live our lives half way always waiting for that elusive non-assured future. What if tomorrow will not come? What will they say about you? Will they remember you for your passion or be underwhelmed by your lack of enthusiasm?

I want to live with so much drive that it could tire me out. I want to live so passionately that I cannot dare to waste time on trivialities. I want that. It’s a great tragedy to live a life half-wit and only experience a glimpse of what life could be. Life is a self-made story and it will read exactly what you write in it daily.

As Mbugua Mwangi and his fiancé, Rosemary Wahito, were laid to rest next to each other, they will stand as the mark of the power of love, the beauty of commitment and the intensity of devotion. Your lives were short lived but your legacy will live on in the hearts of many. I may not have had the pleasure to meet you, but I will surely have the honour of immortalizing your legacy. RIP.

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The only way to live

My world has been flipped and tossed around twice since the last time I wrote. This was a month that saw all the diverse emotions that a person could ever have. I have been furious and harboured thoughts of malice, I have cried my eyes sore and I have also been ecstatic. Life can sometimes toss you from the joyous orgasmic peak to the very depth of your worst fears. It is life and as much as we choose to deny it, its’ enjoyment and sheer thrill is in the array of emotions it evokes. This post will be a little more personal than usual because I’d like to share a few truths I have learnt.

I last mentioned that I was looking forward to having my own place very soon. It hasn’t happened just yet but it is surely in the pipeline. Have you ever met someone who has just lost their job? Walking around with that half dazed look on their face that says “my life is over”. It is neither fake nor staged. It is involuntary and almost reflexive because at that moment, their life is absolutely screwed. Never try to snap them out of it immediately. The feeling of despair and finality are important in accepting the situation and moving on faster than hiding in denial. By now, you might have guessed that I lost my job. I did not willingly resign or step down. I was unceremoniously dismissed on sketchy terms and reasons.

It is probably a bad idea to post the fact that you lost your job online but I can do so with my head held high because I know that I did not deserve it and I had done nothing to warrant it. When someone with not even a single warning letter or a plausible criminal case before the employers is dismissed on a whim, any person with good sense will smell a rat and suspect ulterior motive. Since I will derive no pleasure from spewing the details of the institution, and for the fact that I believe in professionalism and discretion, I will not reveal any more details. When you let bygones be bygones, life becomes a less crowded and happier place.

After recovering from the reality of my joblessness, I was amazingly at peace. Maybe it had something to do with the stranger lady who found me crying in the wash room and hugged me tightly telling me that all will be well and God loves me. She warmed my heart and made me cry even harder. A little voice inside was telling me that all will be well and that I should not fret. I did not and after a week, things just started falling into place. I got a hustle that I could do. I especially love the potential in the people that I work for. It is a start up that is bound to grow exponentially and I am just glad that I am in it’s formative stages and I will be part of the making of a big thing. On the Sunday before I was fired, I had a word pressed upon me that opportunities that I did not expect are coming my way so I should be open my eyes and take hold of them. Little did I know that opening the door would mean shutting one behind me to free up my time to pursue new things.

Frankly speaking, I am grateful I lost that job. Although I was devastated because it was an unfair dismissal while I had been nothing but a diligent worker, I can now see the brighter side. I was in my comfort zone and if any opportunity had come up, I probably wouldn’t have jumped on because I had fallen into a routine of my daily tasks and endeavours while forgetting to explore my other talents and interests. My eyes were too busy arranging and dusting my current life that they lacked the opportunity to glance around and spot opportunities. I am finally getting around to solidify some business ideas I had thought of. I am far from the actual implementation, but the extra time gave me that reflection time and perspective shift that I needed to nudge me into action.

At times, we fall into our comfortable routines and let life cruise by. We can sit and dream all day but if we do not want to change gears and engage ourselves into action, we will stagnate. Anything that is not growing is surely dying because life is a constant evolution. If you seize evolving, you will one day become redundant, out of date and eventually fade away into oblivion. The peculiarity of life is that you never really stop moving. If you are not moving forward, you are definitely moving backwards. When you realize the volatility, brevity and uncertainty of life, you will live each day like there is no tomorrow. This is the only way to truly live.
d 3

If you live life afraid of unleashing your full potential, you do an injustice to yourself.
For you never learn the full breadth of your wings,
You never feel the full thrust of your will,
and you never savour the full height of the life you would have had.
Do not be afraid to live!

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Lights, camera, action!

At this point in my life, I feel like I have been thrust into the limelight by a callous director who did not have the decency to hand me the script or brief me on what exactly I should do when the camera went on.

The world of work is nothing that school prepares you for. School is just an extended sheltered camp where they make you do hard pointless labor in the form of homework and exams. Work on the other hand can suck the very sanity out of you. Especially coupled with office politics and dubious workmates. At first glance, you might think that its time to exit the scene. But on further investigation and asking around, you realize that that is how the wind blows in all matters workplace. It is a game and you either learn the rules or get bullied out by the seasoned players.

I have already had my first scold from the boss, my first cold war with a colleague, my first anger showcase albeit short lived, my first f**k up and my first rebellion move. All in a span of barely three months. But now, very few things will truly move me. I have learnt to take each thing that is tossed my way in its’ stride and know that it’s never really that serious.

Plus I learnt that networking sessions are just like being thrust back in high school, only that everyone is in a suit and has a business card. If you’re not careful, you might just fall right into your former high school stereotype. Or even worse, fall into the new shy kid category and hurdle in the corner with your glass of wine.But if you play your cards right, you can check out with a great business connection, a mentor, a great friend, a potential lover or if you are the Cleopatra reincarnation, you get a marriage proposal. Even better yet, a no strings attached professional/ extremely friendly deal with that hot person you were staring down all night. The opportunities are endless and all the power is in your hands.


However, a very wise person(read my boss) told me a thing that I will never forget. It totally revolutionized how i think and view the workplace. She told me that it is an employers world, and your value is determined by the performance you bring forth. There are plenty of people willing to work for peanuts, and the only thing keeping you in that door is your work. When you sign the contract, you are assured of your salary at the end of the month but the employer is not assured of your performance. It is up to you to prove your worth and even earn extra points. The power of steering your career is in your hands and not in the employer’s.”

So after those few words, my mind had a pop moment. A pop moment is that moment when your mind enters into a whole new realm of thinking. I realized that no mater how weirdly or unconventionally you may choose do your work, the bottom line is bring forth something of value and all you antics will be conveniently overlooked. But it does help to be as acceptably normal as possible. Bring home the bacon and the scolding will not come your way. When he light come on, put on your best game face, smile and rock your job like you’ve done it all your life. That is the ultimate victory.


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