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Nothing is as beautiful as the melody of words strung together to convey an emotion, a state of mind. Poetry is the fusion of letters and music. A genre of music that is so silent and can only be heard in the minds of those who can feel the rhythm.

10 Seconds In Heaven:

This idea came up when i took some colleagues outside for a smoke. I don’t smoke, just in case you’re wondering, but apparently I have developed a love of watching people darken their lungs. I’m kidding.

As they partook in further depleting the Ozone layer, one of them flashed back to a moment he saw a stunning lady at a lounge. She was Muslim and clad in their characteristic Hijab…

Graceful in her manner,she sat down and let the Hijab slide down to reveal her luscious locks and breathtaking features. If it was deliberate it was flawless. If it wasn’t she had a finesse and fluidity that cannot be taught. She reached out for a cigarette. My colleague, lets call him Jazz, was now unabashedly fixated on her.

A little stunned by the fact that she smokes, Jazz looked on at his new object of curiosity. Cleopatra would have been proud of miss mysterious obsession. Holding the cigarette with her dainty fingers, she lit it in one swift movement and took in her first huff. Her puff was perfect if there is such a thing. Her expression remained flawless and not a single feature contoured. For a moment, Jazz wished he could be the cigarette. For that brief interlude, be the recipient of her delicate movements. Those few blissful seconds shifting between her finger and lips.

From that tale was born the cigarette poem. It was a challenge actually. I’m not one to turn down a good challenge so here goes.

If your cigarette could speak, what would it say to you? Drum roll… here goes. Share your thoughts below.


10 Seconds In Heaven

As your dainty fingers take me

My insides get tingly

In the heat of your lighter

I delight in burning for you

I only experience you for a few seconds

but that is more than enough


I wonder why you sit alone

a beauty like you should never be by herself.

but, I am here.

I will keep you company

cloud your air with smoke

like a sequel to a concert

the stage is set

for those few enthralling seconds

I will be your sole focus

and i will fill you


For that moment i will be your only worry

i might not be good for you

but i understand you

i am a part of your life

sometimes an escape

other times a habit developed


But in those 10 seconds

in the oscillations between your lips and fingers

i am yours and you are mine

we are one

and the world is fine.







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Still Alive To Me


The walk of life can be daunting

More so for a little scared girl

Looking for her path

Searching for meaning

Longing for understanding

But she found solace

In words.

Found hope in writing

Felt at home in her thoughts

When she got lost in the words you span.


Though worlds apart

I felt it.

Each time your spoke,

I melted.

The lines you wrote

I inhaled them.

My oblivious soul sister

Related only by the stroke of the pen.


You carried me through my roughest patches

We never met but I felt like I knew you

Found traces of my life

Fragments of my thoughts

A bunch of my fears

And a lot of happy tears

From your work


Even if you’re gone

In my heart you live on

I’m honored to have shared in your words

I’m blessed to have bathed in your wisdom

Though I never met you,

And oh how I wish I did,

I’ve always loved you

So rest in peace,

Dr. Maya Angelou.




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Say Something…

Say something
move your lips just do something
i die each day
everytime you leave me in the blue
i tossed many clues
but in your indifference
crushed my hopes under your shoe

i always adored you,
its true
the heart only flows to the rythmn of its own beat
and you were my perfect melody
but each time we came close to a happy ending,
the tempo changes
and the chorus brings tears
heart wrenching tears

My heart is tired of waiting
the wells run dry
devoid of any feeling
numb with despair
hardened by pain

say something
for one foot is out the door
say something
before i close this chapter
say something
for all i need is you
say something
because im giving up on you.

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I See You

Looking in the mirror
I see a spitting image of you
But I’m not sad. No.
I’m glad. I’m blessed.

‘”I will never want to be like you when I grow up”
Were my choice words each time we fought
Each time you annoyed the sense out of my words
I was young and inexperienced
But fate has a sense of humor
Scoffing each time you swear
While slowly turning you into exactly what you loathe

The eye is quick to judge a sight we can’t relate with
The mouth is quick to spite those we don’t understand
The mind only knows what it knows
But being comfortable with the familiar breeds ignorance
Contentment with the mundane breeds mediocrity

But mediocre is comfortable
Common and thus dubbed normal
But comfortable is safe and boring
Never going outside to feel the magic in the rain
Too afraid to try out new things that we miss out on

But time slaps sense into unwilling hearts
Sense that we sometimes unknowingly lack
And we learn
Oh boy do we learn.

The best things are those that spring upon us
When you are too busy having fun to notice
Your life becomes sublime
Every moment becomes enchanting
All what you have ever dreamt about creeps up on you
Then you awake and pinch yourself
For life is one big surreal party

I like what I see in the mirror,
I grow more like you with each day
But I am glad.
I know your world
I understand your pain
And I admire your strength
And I cherish your love
Never thought I wanted to be you
But now I’m glad I get to be anything close to what you are.
An amazing woman gifted to me as my mother.

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Tell Her…

Tell her you love her, or let her go
Tell her you want her, oh please say so
Tell her you need her, affirm her soul
Tell her you love her, and have her whole

Tell her she is the one
Tell her you are falling deeply
Tell her what she wants to hear
Tell her and have her eat off your hand

Play with her love strings
Switch up the rhythm or toss it into the sea
Dance with her emotions
Tango to the heat of the moment
Enthrall her with your aura
Engulf her in intensity

Give her what she wants
Show her what she needs
Be her undoing
Brake her inhibitions.

For one moment in time,
Help her forget it all.
Make her melt in awe.
Giver her an never ending summer.
Her knight in bright shining armor.


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Let me live


Let me fall
Let me fall to the ground and roll
Let me know the pain of it all
Let my frozen heart thaw
Let me touch my very core
Let me rock to my soul’s flow

Let me cry till my eyes are sore
Let me be loved and so much more
Let me laugh that my hurts starts to thaw
Let me feel for it is the essence of my being

Let me breathe and take all the air I will
Let me sing to the chords that in my head ring
Let me dance to the rhythm of my chest that’s beating
Let me drift into the twists of life’s wheel

Just let me be
Let me see
Let me feel, and
Let me live.

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Forever I Do

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Where are you my love?
Are you the sun beam
Caressing my dainty cheek?
Are you the sweet dreams
That make me smile in my sleep?
Are you the warm longing
Rising in my gut when I wake?
Are you the wind in my hair,
The raw freedom I yearn for?

If you meet me in the street,
Would you know me from my eyes?
If you heard my voice
Would my very whisper excite you?
If I were around you,
Would you know me from my scent?

I know you are there,
it’s just a matter of time.
When time and chance agree,
you will be mine.
My perfect stranger and best friend
I haven’t met you and yet I know you.
Or maybe we’ve met
but the tide is not yet ripe,
My everyday friend laying in waiting.

So babe I will wait for you
Live my life the best way I know how
In anxious anticipation of forever
And the memories we’ll build together.
I know you’ll wait for me too love,
Waiting for the day we will say I do.

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