I See You

01 May

Looking in the mirror
I see a spitting image of you
But I’m not sad. No.
I’m glad. I’m blessed.

‘”I will never want to be like you when I grow up”
Were my choice words each time we fought
Each time you annoyed the sense out of my words
I was young and inexperienced
But fate has a sense of humor
Scoffing each time you swear
While slowly turning you into exactly what you loathe

The eye is quick to judge a sight we can’t relate with
The mouth is quick to spite those we don’t understand
The mind only knows what it knows
But being comfortable with the familiar breeds ignorance
Contentment with the mundane breeds mediocrity

But mediocre is comfortable
Common and thus dubbed normal
But comfortable is safe and boring
Never going outside to feel the magic in the rain
Too afraid to try out new things that we miss out on

But time slaps sense into unwilling hearts
Sense that we sometimes unknowingly lack
And we learn
Oh boy do we learn.

The best things are those that spring upon us
When you are too busy having fun to notice
Your life becomes sublime
Every moment becomes enchanting
All what you have ever dreamt about creeps up on you
Then you awake and pinch yourself
For life is one big surreal party

I like what I see in the mirror,
I grow more like you with each day
But I am glad.
I know your world
I understand your pain
And I admire your strength
And I cherish your love
Never thought I wanted to be you
But now I’m glad I get to be anything close to what you are.
An amazing woman gifted to me as my mother.

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