Forever I Do

12 Jan

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Where are you my love?
Are you the sun beam
Caressing my dainty cheek?
Are you the sweet dreams
That make me smile in my sleep?
Are you the warm longing
Rising in my gut when I wake?
Are you the wind in my hair,
The raw freedom I yearn for?

If you meet me in the street,
Would you know me from my eyes?
If you heard my voice
Would my very whisper excite you?
If I were around you,
Would you know me from my scent?

I know you are there,
it’s just a matter of time.
When time and chance agree,
you will be mine.
My perfect stranger and best friend
I haven’t met you and yet I know you.
Or maybe we’ve met
but the tide is not yet ripe,
My everyday friend laying in waiting.

So babe I will wait for you
Live my life the best way I know how
In anxious anticipation of forever
And the memories we’ll build together.
I know you’ll wait for me too love,
Waiting for the day we will say I do.

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