Laying flowers of freedom

05 Nov

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Laying flowers on the grave of my past,
I reminisce on our times together.
The many days that we shared,
The long hours of earthly pleasures.
Even sickly sweet at times.
Living large and high,
Nose too firmly stuck in self deceit
To wake and smell defeat.

You were sweet
Promised me nothing but pleasure
Overflowing with bounty and treasure
But it was lonely.
Smiled wide but the soul was empty
I knew I was in trouble deep
But refused to venture.
Walked the shallow street
Escaping the truth and exposure.

Those days,
We held hands and walked gaily.
Those lips, that knew me oh so well.
Those words, that wove me in so deeply.
I jumped in before I could think
And soon as reality hit me,
I was already intertwined
Fused my soul with thine
Made a bond with a soul I did not intend
You changed faces but the tale remained the same
Led by the flesh, then the mind thinks later.
I was bitter.
That I knew better but grew dimmer
My light fizzled for my energy simmered
I was a broken vessel
Desperately searching for the porter
Tired of the same old routine
Same script but different cast
It was time to go back home
Sickened by being alone.
I was going home.

The trip was not easy
Had to hold my guns and face a lot of demons
Took every inch of my strength and iota of will
But with the help of the grace pill
I overcome, victoriously.

Now I’m on my knees.
A shattered vessel being pieced back together.
I had my turn and now I am one,
One with the Father who knew me from the start,
One with the one who knows my beginning from my end.
He whispered love when I was torn,
He whispered peace when I was in distress.
He is my comfort
He is my strength
On my own I would probably be long dead
He is my king
And I will obey his every will
He is my prince
Provides for my every need

I looked for love
But now it found me
I looked for wealth
But I instead find true meaning
I am complete
Under the shadow of your wings I am complete
A vessel re-birthed by your awesome grace.
I am completely free.

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