The illusive hapiness

04 Nov

What do you want? No really. What do you want?

Have you ever just sat down and asked yourself what is it you really want from your life? I’d like to bet that most of you haven’t. You just complain about your life and say that you want a better life. But what exactly do you want? Many people can’t answer that conclusively. Besides the cliché check list of a good home, car, wife/husband by 30 and three kids, what else do you need to make you happy?

This was the question that caught me unawares. My friend and I were having a casual conversation and then he asked me, after all that, what do you want. I lit a bulb in my mind and I realized that I had never really sat and thought about what I wanted in life, in live, in relationships and all other spheres. I sort of just went with it and flowed with how the tides carried me. No wonder I have always had that nagging voice in my head that kept ringing and saying that I can be way more than what I settle for.

It’s been a while since I wrote on this blog and I am doing a disservice to myself. I live for writing. My mind is constantly churning out words and linking them in my head to form stories. Some beautiful ones get lost in the everyday thoughts. I however had the chance to go home last weekend to just relax and unwind. I thank God I did that. I finally cleared the backlog of personal work that I had accumulated and also got the chance to sit, regroup and think out my life thus far. I thought about where I would like to be and drew up a plan to get me there. I wish I had done that earlier because it energized me and I was excited to start working towards them.

I realized something. Happiness is not a common finish line that all people in the race of life aspire towards. Some are content with the 100 meter mark, others 200, others 500 and others aim towards reaching the 1000 meter mark. It’s all relative. You can find the person who worked their way to 100 meters happier than the one who found themselves at 500 meters because of one reason. The former achieved a goal and therefore is happy that they have accomplished something, no matter how trivial it may seem to other people.

If you want to be able to appreciate life. Have something to look forward to. Have something that stirs up your juices every morning or else you will soon find that your juices prefer remaining asleep. A purpose is the missing link in your life. It could be as mundane as having enough money to buy a mountain bike that you can race with each time you are free. Your goal could also be as noble as world peace or heading the World Bank. To each his own. The surest way of doing this is trying to find your purpose in God. He whispers it to you daily through your activities and thought, but you have to be tuned into the same frequency to understand the message.

The take away point here was that it will do you a world of good to have a goal. It will be that little light at the end of tunnel that gives you hope. An each time that light grows larger and draws nearer you will be elated that you are making progress and achieving something in your life.

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