The only way to live

20 Sep

My world has been flipped and tossed around twice since the last time I wrote. This was a month that saw all the diverse emotions that a person could ever have. I have been furious and harboured thoughts of malice, I have cried my eyes sore and I have also been ecstatic. Life can sometimes toss you from the joyous orgasmic peak to the very depth of your worst fears. It is life and as much as we choose to deny it, its’ enjoyment and sheer thrill is in the array of emotions it evokes. This post will be a little more personal than usual because I’d like to share a few truths I have learnt.

I last mentioned that I was looking forward to having my own place very soon. It hasn’t happened just yet but it is surely in the pipeline. Have you ever met someone who has just lost their job? Walking around with that half dazed look on their face that says “my life is over”. It is neither fake nor staged. It is involuntary and almost reflexive because at that moment, their life is absolutely screwed. Never try to snap them out of it immediately. The feeling of despair and finality are important in accepting the situation and moving on faster than hiding in denial. By now, you might have guessed that I lost my job. I did not willingly resign or step down. I was unceremoniously dismissed on sketchy terms and reasons.

It is probably a bad idea to post the fact that you lost your job online but I can do so with my head held high because I know that I did not deserve it and I had done nothing to warrant it. When someone with not even a single warning letter or a plausible criminal case before the employers is dismissed on a whim, any person with good sense will smell a rat and suspect ulterior motive. Since I will derive no pleasure from spewing the details of the institution, and for the fact that I believe in professionalism and discretion, I will not reveal any more details. When you let bygones be bygones, life becomes a less crowded and happier place.

After recovering from the reality of my joblessness, I was amazingly at peace. Maybe it had something to do with the stranger lady who found me crying in the wash room and hugged me tightly telling me that all will be well and God loves me. She warmed my heart and made me cry even harder. A little voice inside was telling me that all will be well and that I should not fret. I did not and after a week, things just started falling into place. I got a hustle that I could do. I especially love the potential in the people that I work for. It is a start up that is bound to grow exponentially and I am just glad that I am in it’s formative stages and I will be part of the making of a big thing. On the Sunday before I was fired, I had a word pressed upon me that opportunities that I did not expect are coming my way so I should be open my eyes and take hold of them. Little did I know that opening the door would mean shutting one behind me to free up my time to pursue new things.

Frankly speaking, I am grateful I lost that job. Although I was devastated because it was an unfair dismissal while I had been nothing but a diligent worker, I can now see the brighter side. I was in my comfort zone and if any opportunity had come up, I probably wouldn’t have jumped on because I had fallen into a routine of my daily tasks and endeavours while forgetting to explore my other talents and interests. My eyes were too busy arranging and dusting my current life that they lacked the opportunity to glance around and spot opportunities. I am finally getting around to solidify some business ideas I had thought of. I am far from the actual implementation, but the extra time gave me that reflection time and perspective shift that I needed to nudge me into action.

At times, we fall into our comfortable routines and let life cruise by. We can sit and dream all day but if we do not want to change gears and engage ourselves into action, we will stagnate. Anything that is not growing is surely dying because life is a constant evolution. If you seize evolving, you will one day become redundant, out of date and eventually fade away into oblivion. The peculiarity of life is that you never really stop moving. If you are not moving forward, you are definitely moving backwards. When you realize the volatility, brevity and uncertainty of life, you will live each day like there is no tomorrow. This is the only way to truly live.
d 3

If you live life afraid of unleashing your full potential, you do an injustice to yourself.
For you never learn the full breadth of your wings,
You never feel the full thrust of your will,
and you never savour the full height of the life you would have had.
Do not be afraid to live!

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