How much do you really need: embrace LEMO!

13 Aug

I am very excited over the fact that I will get to have own place just next month. I am finally moving out of those dreadful school hostels. It’s a wonder that I have never complained about them and dedicated a whole post just to say how wretched they are. Wait, i know why. I don’t like to depress myself with my own writing so I avoid depressing topics. Well,I found a nice little house for me at a safe place. I’d mention the place but I know that it is a bad idea to mention where you live online so i’ll pass. My quaint little house is one bed roomed and ideal for a first house. Now, the deal here is that I will actually have a living room but I do not have any furniture to my name. I would buy new ones but last time I checked I have more pressing needs like say rent, or food. So I do have more pressing priorities. Clearly. I do like sticking to my lane until I am blessed with the chance to shift to the faster lanes.

Since I have no intention of playing soccer in the living room empty space, I had to summon my creative energy to conjure a way to device seating that will not break the bank. I did a quick online search and i mostly found not so pretty looking second hand couches so I ditched that idea. Plus my mother did an excellent job of creeping me out by mentioning that some people are very dirty and they have lice in their hair and thus their couches. Eeeeewww!! I don’t care if that was true or not but the mental picture I created is not one I will forget anytime soon.

Thus I just sat and thought. Do we really need couches? Who decreed that couches are the living room staple? Who made them king anyway? The basic need in a sitting room is comfort, a provision for sitting and soft fabric. Right? When you come to think of it, you shall agree with me. A brilliant idea then struck me! How about cushions? They are soft, comfy and pretty to look at. Just buy a nice soft shaggy rag, place pillows strategically and voila! Houston, we have a solution! I took prompt action and lets just say I have some cushions ready and waiting to be sat on. This is actually borrowing a leaf from Moroccan Interior styles. They prefer low set sofas or an array of a colorful ensemble of pillows as sofas. Coupled with low lying coffee tables, the look is simply stunning. I absolutely love it. It is way more cost effective especially to first time tenants.

download (1)
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This little episode of my journey away from the nest just made me think of the lifestyles that we sometimes just mindlessly pick up. Why do we do what we do? What if we did it in a different way? The culture these days is to spurge and those who don’t somewhat feel like they fall short of something. I can’t deny falling under this one too many times. I still have my impulse clothes shopping to curb before it gets endemic. However I am well underway to free my mind from the chains of norms and to release myself into the realm of free choice and conscious living. The first step is to accept the existence of a problem before you can fix it.

I plan on embarking on a plan to narrow down things to just what I need. Do I really need fifteen pairs of shoes? Do I need all those clothes? I could point some that I haven’t worn in 3 months. I’d call it going minimalist but the word has a negative connotation and it will make me sound like someone with severe OCD trying to mask it, so I will call it the LEMO (Less is More) way of life. I have copyright rights to LEMO so i should not see that used anywhere else.Yes I am serious. I have big plans for LEMO. I will in fact make a new category in my blog dedicated to my endeavors in living LEMO. My rationale you ask? If you learn to live with just what you need, you will then save up enough to try out new things and actually enjoy living. Other than just struggling your way through it with a house 3/4 full of things you don’t need and hardly use.

images (22)

Would you like to join my quest? or have you already started in your own way? Let the LEMO revolution begin. Kindly let me know below on your own personal measures or thoughts.I will truly appreciate it.

Sometimes less is truly more. Ask make up artists! (See the subtle jab in there?;))


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4 responses to “How much do you really need: embrace LEMO!

  1. Nkatha

    August 14, 2013 at 9:08 am

    Go LEMO!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

  2. musale

    August 17, 2013 at 1:01 am

    I agree. Fully. You are, however, late on the copyright thingy for LEMO 😀 I mean I’ve been doing too for like the past years I’ve been alive He He! So… People of this age want more but don’t know what they need it for. It lasts just a moment and they feel ’empty’ and want more. You culture yourself to be contented with just enough, you even have more zeal for more important things in your life. Less is more!

  3. Miss Njogo

    August 19, 2013 at 9:19 am

    @Nkatha yea team LEMO!

    @Musale 😛 You had a head start on the lifestyle, but i have a copyright on the term LEMO. Thanks for loving it and let’s spread the LEMO way of life to everyone!

    • musale

      September 16, 2013 at 4:16 pm

      Hahaha… Youuu! Let’s spread the LEMO way of life then!


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