When the inner voice yells, jump and get going!

06 Aug

At some point in your life, I am sure that you have heard that when you are ready, you will feel it in your heart. You will feel your inner voice nudge you forward and give you the confidence to move or take a bold step. But then, how many times has that happened to you? Why is that illusive inner voice so quiet and seemingly shy when you need it most?

Take a car for example. If it just stays in the house without being taken out, how will you know the intricate details of its working? How would you know that the lever needs to be yanked slightly to the left for a better grasp? How would you know that the ac needs to be switched on and off twice to work best? I hope you get my drift. How would you know how your car handles a sharp turn best if you haven’t tried it several times?

In the same way, how will you know the sound of your inner voice if it yelled at you from the roof tops or whispered in the dead of night if you have never heard it? How will you recognize the tone, the pitch, the words it speaks? How can you feel something that you have never encountered? So it is in your own best interest to listen to you inner voice even in the most menial of tasks. Learn to trust you instincts and they will lead you where logic and the naked eye cannot help.


A while ago, I thought that the inner voice is a profound sounding voice preferably in the deep baritone used as God’s voice in many a movie. Or the silky smooth voices that do voice-overs. But come to think of it, the voices in you head sound however you want them to sound. Heck it could be an Indian accent with a touch of the Zulu click sounds(quite amusing that one), or a pompous British accent. Whatever floats your boat.

The benefit of this? You get to have really witty conversations with you wiser self inside your head. No I am not high on something. I am in fact just full of tea. This tea will be the end of me. I shall drown in a pool of tea bags and milk.

“Err! no scratch that. That is absolutely creepy eww! What’s wrong with you girl!”

Now see my subconscious is taking over my blog post? Do you have to correct me in plain sight of my readers. Jeez!! Can we all just stick to our lanes? Stick up there and let me do my writing. I should clearly end this blog post before you dismiss me as schizophrenic.

What exactly inspired this post? I have just recently learnt to listen to my inner voice which is pretty wise i must say. It usually warns you way in advance on the correct course to take, and just waits patiently while filing nails or scratching(depending on the gender)until you stop deluding yourself and decide to do what you initially knew you should do. Then gives you the sneer of the year as it yells out I TOLD YOU SO SMART ASS! That is your cue to jump full swing into action. Be it embracing love, making a career shift, offering up an idea, proposing to that girl, starting that blog, whatever you’ve been putting off for a string of baseless excuses.

The subconscious knows best so when it says go, full speed ahead is the only way you should respond!:)

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