Lights, camera, action!

03 Aug

At this point in my life, I feel like I have been thrust into the limelight by a callous director who did not have the decency to hand me the script or brief me on what exactly I should do when the camera went on.

The world of work is nothing that school prepares you for. School is just an extended sheltered camp where they make you do hard pointless labor in the form of homework and exams. Work on the other hand can suck the very sanity out of you. Especially coupled with office politics and dubious workmates. At first glance, you might think that its time to exit the scene. But on further investigation and asking around, you realize that that is how the wind blows in all matters workplace. It is a game and you either learn the rules or get bullied out by the seasoned players.

I have already had my first scold from the boss, my first cold war with a colleague, my first anger showcase albeit short lived, my first f**k up and my first rebellion move. All in a span of barely three months. But now, very few things will truly move me. I have learnt to take each thing that is tossed my way in its’ stride and know that it’s never really that serious.

Plus I learnt that networking sessions are just like being thrust back in high school, only that everyone is in a suit and has a business card. If you’re not careful, you might just fall right into your former high school stereotype. Or even worse, fall into the new shy kid category and hurdle in the corner with your glass of wine.But if you play your cards right, you can check out with a great business connection, a mentor, a great friend, a potential lover or if you are the Cleopatra reincarnation, you get a marriage proposal. Even better yet, a no strings attached professional/ extremely friendly deal with that hot person you were staring down all night. The opportunities are endless and all the power is in your hands.


However, a very wise person(read my boss) told me a thing that I will never forget. It totally revolutionized how i think and view the workplace. She told me that it is an employers world, and your value is determined by the performance you bring forth. There are plenty of people willing to work for peanuts, and the only thing keeping you in that door is your work. When you sign the contract, you are assured of your salary at the end of the month but the employer is not assured of your performance. It is up to you to prove your worth and even earn extra points. The power of steering your career is in your hands and not in the employer’s.”

So after those few words, my mind had a pop moment. A pop moment is that moment when your mind enters into a whole new realm of thinking. I realized that no mater how weirdly or unconventionally you may choose do your work, the bottom line is bring forth something of value and all you antics will be conveniently overlooked. But it does help to be as acceptably normal as possible. Bring home the bacon and the scolding will not come your way. When he light come on, put on your best game face, smile and rock your job like you’ve done it all your life. That is the ultimate victory.


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2 responses to “Lights, camera, action!

  1. musale

    August 17, 2013 at 1:23 am

    Biblically, this also applies. You might never want to work under someone forever and that is when this comes in, would you want your employees to add nothing of value to your company while you pay them? It’s even a waste of the employees time, I think. Everything we do, makes us.

  2. Miss Njogo

    August 19, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Very true Musale. Once people realize that the world owes them nothing and that they only get the equivalent of the value they bring in, then life will be way more simpler.


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