The unspoken work code

01 Jul

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I’ve only been at work for the past two months but I have learn truckloads of things thus far I have come. Some directly, most indirectly, others I just inferred from the things that go on around me. First thing that stood out is that you are indeed free to air your thoughts as they always tell you, but make sure your ideas are along the same tangent as those of your superiors or your will be up for a roast. This time its not the good humored roast that tears you apart in the name of comedy. No. It is the roast that fries your very credibility or existence and life will thereon be an awkward mess of relations at the office.

For the purposes of staying on track, I will list down what the daunting yet interesting world of work taught me in the past few weeks.

1. Though shalt not intrude into my turf. If so, come slowly..

Every new employee is yet another reason why you may not get that promotion you needed. On a more positive note, every new employee is a chance of improving the company and taking it to greater heights. But then again, who wants to look at the positive side when the negative is far more interesting and dramatic? I have come to learn that when you are new, just lay low and observe your surrounding. Don’t jump in and act like you’re the very savior that they needed to move to a greater height. You may indeed believe it but showing it will be to your own detriment. Fact is that people aren’t exactly thrilled when there is a new person in town, but if you come across as pleasant, they will quickly accept the idea of you and in no time they will be the same ones nudging you to be more open and to relax. That there is the usual indirect mark of approval and call to arms to join the club.

2. Stay out of my hair, nut I’ll stay in yours if you don’t mind.

In the workplace you need to draw the precarious line between being aware of your colleague’s work and down right snooping. To be a master, it is imperative to learn to be aware of your surrounding without entirely dipping your finger into the honey pot, lest you get stung. Minding your own business accords you the reputation of trustworthy and professional, while too much idle time leads to you being branded as a busy body with nothing to write home about. But then again don’t be too aloof that you are regarded as snobbish. That will not be too good in getting cooperation and favors from people. The trick is to learn the balance and make as few enemies as possible. Careers are built on knowing people and getting along with them. So pick you’re battles and play your cards right.

3. Keep your eyes on the big picture but work your hands in the present

Ambition is at times is the sole motivation for us getting out of bed. it could consume your very thoughts, time and conversations. However, when you look ahead too much that you get tripped by the rock right in front of you, it is time to re-evaluate. Have you ever met the people who live so much in the future that they do not realize that the are ruining the present? In short, keep your dreams to yourself. Blubbering endlessly about your plans, ambitions and goals will get you one of two things: Scorn and hate from others because they will think that you are acting superior to all of them, or sabotage and outright competition in a bid to just deny you the chance. One of the constant things about humans is the ability to morph into the devil’s reincarnate when infected by the green eyed monster.So save your self the trauma and shut your mouth or say the bare minimum.

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