Think thrice

28 Jun

Sometimes you stray
that you may find your way,
get a taste of the bitter,
that you may appreciate the sweet day.
Can never marvel at the brilliance of white,
before experiencing the gloomy black.

You live and you learn,
but at times you live and you burn.
The difference is in the timing,
waking up in time to salvage yourself.

You fall deep and madly in love,
harbor illusions of eternity.
So blinded by your own passion,
you miss the glaring neon signs.
Selective vision in the name of attraction,
unaware of the the clock that keeps ticking.
At times we know no better
and insist to keep the fire,
but soon it shrinks to embers.
What’s not meant to be never really last.

Seasons come and go then you meet them again,
such time and tide in between.
Wisdom is assuming indifference and walking on,
but desire knows no decorum.
So sparks flutter in the backdrop,
Recipe for disaster.

But pause my friend!
Step back and take a breath,
rewind, reminesce,
do you want to go back to square one?
Never lose the lesson from each hand life deals,
or you’ll never win this game of life poker.

When love is real it doesnt hurt,
if it’s real it liberates,
if it’s real it respects,
if it’s real you will know it in your heart.
So step back and think thrice,
for life to too short
to resign to fate’s dice.

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