The Sweet Snare

24 Jun

The trappings of the heart,
the life strings of desire.
They consume like fire,
burn their way to the surface.
The age old illness,
a generational weakness.
Man is innately weak and indiscreet
more so when enthralled

Behold the tough stranger melts
from his high horse did he fall.
Star crossed love
pierced right through a a will so leathery.
What is gentle and meek,
but yet potent and disarming?
What is sweet and tender ,
but still raw and unnerving?
What bitter sweet paradox
that comes second to no euphoria

You may drown a thousand bottles of liquor
or smoke chimney loads of cigars.
But no feeling comes close to the grip of emotion,
to the ecstasy of devotion,
to the passion of consummation,
to the elation of companionship.

Everyone yearns for it
but a few find the real thing.
Many just settle for the crumbs thrown their way,
while others shy away after being crushed.
Some are addicted to the high,
unable to stop their insatiable yearnings,
that earn them an emotional thrashing.
But still they don’t learn.

The sweet scent of love,
stops the most astute soldier in his tracks,
tumbles the most steady of boulders.
The sweetly swift wind that strengthens as much as it stumbles,
the smooth and rugged roller coaster that makes life worth living.

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