The theory of the pebble and the ripples

24 May

There is the theory of the pebble and the ripples. When you throw a small pebble into a river, it forms a small wave that magnifies in size each time it moves outwards. A small insignificant pebble may cause a resultant wave, strong enough to overturn a boat. This theory makes me think about life and the choices that we make each day. The most insignificant of choices can completely change the tangent of your life and make you move to an ending that you never pictured yourself.

One of the things I love about working is the fact that i get to interact with people and learn things each day. When you’re in a society, all sort of characters emerge and you get to see the good, the bad and the entirely rotten. In the word’s of my GM, “When you go to a new society, pick the good things and use them to better yourself, but disregard the negative ones.” She then proceeded to tell us of her story in her undergraduate life in a foreign country( Britain).

For purposes of ease in understanding the story, I will call the GM Miss Gee and her best friend as Miss Bee. Miss bee and miss Gee went to London for further studies. Since they had Kenyan passports, they had to obtain a work permit to get good jobs.They were college students and they needed to work to get money for their school supplies and other necessities. Well, Miss Bee got involved with a bunch of Nigerian students who ran a syndicate that sold forged British passports to immigrants who wanted a shot at the good life. Miss Bee got herself one and soon she was high flying with a good part time job and she bought all the nice pretty things that she wanted. At that time, Miss Gee and her sister were really struggling their way through college while their friend was living the high life. On countless occasions did Miss Bee try to persuade Miss Gee to get herself one but she stuck to her guns and she decided to go the right way. She did indeed look stupid at the time since who deliberately refuses the high life. Miss gee eventually finished her studies and came back home to work. Miss bee had no reason to because she was having too much fun.

Ten years down the line and Miss Gee is the GM at the hotel where i work. Miss be on the other hand is a domestic worker in London for a Kenyan family. After 911, the strict security measures meant she couldn’t use her fake British passport and she got stuck with a Nigerian passport. She had not bothered to renew her Kenyan Passport and thus she is stuck there and is desperately trying to earn a living and to somehow get herself a Kenyan Passport.. She can’t get a good job since all her academic certificates et al are in her false Nigerian name and she has no way of proving that she is indeed the person in the documents.

It then became clear that there is no such thing as an insignificant decision. All that you do will in one way or the other affect your life. its only a matter of time before your own action catches up with you. The GM gave us this illustration as she was announcing to us that one of our colleagues had pocketed and fled with the day’s collections.She said that he has now spoiled his name while he is still so young. The police are on the look out for him and he will definitely not get a job anywhere in the hotel industry since this is quite a large industry but people surprisingly know each other quite well.

Thus the theory of the pebble and ripples does stand. One small insignificant action may spiral into a full blown hurricane. Life has no teaser version and then we later come to do the real thing. No. Each day counts, each thought counts. Each step taken leads us towards either doom or bloom. It is all up to us to be wise and choose the right path.

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