22 May

I won’t even attempt to excuse my procrastination so I will just go on and write. Having said that, Im sorry for staying forever without posting. Tons has happened in the months between my last post and this one. I went on vacation, I got a job and I am semi-single. 

The vacation was a week long trip to Shimoni in Coast and I had a fabulous time with the best company one could ask for. Despite the small incident where my swimwear was apparently too much of a distraction to some people, all was well. That really irritated me because ideally a swim suit barely covers much and mine covered a lot by all standards. Before you get judgy, i will post a pic as evidence. But let bygones be bygones. I am sorry to whoever I offended and since i am probably bound to do it again, I advice you to learn to skip me in your line of view. 

Shimoni is beautiful and so peaceful that you automatically find yourself slowing the pace of all that you do. Your strides become smaller and slower, your thinking clears out and your senses heighten that you can smell the nature around you, hear the wind whistle by and feel the depth of the warmth of the ocean water. That was ultimate therapy. More effective than a couch of the most renowned shrink. I lets you reflect and helps you clear out all what you don’t really need. Its like pausing your life and getting a chance to have a bird’s eye view of where you are and where you are headed. The ultimate therapy. The ocean was refreshing and the caves were eerie and they make me thank God that I was born in the correct century. Life was sad for a woman back then, if your not married off early to pop babies, you will be captured by the whites and sold as slaves thus end up at shimoni waiting for your ride to a land of uncertainty and guaranteed suffering.

Getting back to everyday present living,I got to realize a few things while I was there:

1. Exercise is indeed super helpful and can be fun. Yes, really! I know you’ve probably gone like Duh!!! Who doesn’t know that. It’s true that we know that but have we ever really realized the magic in it? Have you ever got that light bulb moment and swore never to deviate from the ways of the physically fit? I didn’t think so. You see I always have an incessant cold that refuses to listen to medicine. Its like a ninja cold. It may hide for a few days after I take medicine. I didn’t get even cough at Shimoni despite the humid air and rain. Why? Because we swam daily and took lots of walks. So now I am getting back on the wheels of my daily yoga. Still as stiff as a rod but i will get there with practice.

2. Friends are the suff a good life is all about. And not just any friends but great friends. I made a few friendships and strengthened the existing ones. Its amazing how much positive human interaction has a profound effect on the person. Hearing other people’s dreams and ambitions, life experiences and lessons learn, hopes and fears, just makes life all the more richer. The true essence of living is so that you may share your success with those close to you.


3. I am not actually as water phobic as I assumed. On the contrary, I enjoyed being rocked by the waves when we were out at see. A blend of an explicable serenity and assurance that all will be well coupled with the sheer potential of doom in that we were miles into sea and if anything happened, the probability of survival is next to nil. But despite all that, I was so calm and I was in fact exuberant.



The mini vacation was over just as fast as it started and I had to come back to life. I didn’t really mind because I felt energized. I had an interview on the next day so I jumped into bed immediately and got sufficient sleep. I am proud to announce that I aced the interview and I got a great internship. I’m in fact typing this from the office. I thank God for the opportunity.

Talking of my semi- singleness, I am in a state of limbo where i’m not really sure where I stand. Maybe i’m holding on to an illusion or it might just be a rough patch. Either way, come what may, I will embrace it wholeheartedly.Life has a way of throwing you a bone but instead of seeing the absence of meat, you could choose to see the possibility of a some soup. I never believed the saying that you cannot choose who you love until I saw a clear picture of it in my life. Matters of the heart are delicate but most of the time they are not as delicate as they seem. You just got to gather the courage to act on what you know in your gut.

So good thus far

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  1. Allan Melchowistz

    May 23, 2013 at 10:34 am

    mmmh, simply penned but beautifully placed. i like.


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