Wake up call on all things love..

04 Apr

The divide between wishful thinking and reality thins each especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The ideal changes along with each movie that sweeps us off our feet. We want to live in the state of an endless euphoria where love’s passion knows no restraint and we burn for each other daily. The reality of things is far less romantic. But you still can’t help to imagine that maybe, just maybe you could be the lucky few who find the person with whom each moment is a timeless adventure and the time together is a scene straight from a best-selling romance novel.
I was watching the movie “the romantics” and my heart broke when I saw that a man was about to marry a woman because she was the ‘safe’ choice and the ‘ideal’ type of wife. While he was still in love with another woman whom they shared a true connection. Ideal is overrated. The ideal person for each person is relative. Safe and conservative may bore the living daylights out of a spontaneous sporadic personality. Sometimes society spells out restrictive roles and codes of conduct for women and wives especially and both men and women seem to sub consciously expect the same from all women.

But what bliss it is to live out your true nature, to live life through your own lenses. Individuality is the best lesson that a parent could instill into their kids and I would much rather a parent who taught their children self expression rather than conformism. Then why do people struggle so much to conform to expectations when all what people secretly wish they could do is to let loose and enjoy life. The secret is that, who is stopping you? It is very liberating to live with the belief that all things are possible and that limitation is only a state of mind.

Time is ticking away each day and if we are not careful, you will wake up one day next to someone who you do not have a single thing in common. Living life in a mindless haze that is lack luster and mediocre would not even begin to describe such an existence.

So if love strikes, dive in. If it feels right, go ahead with it. If it gets messy and uncomfortable, fold up your sleeves and wade through it until you get to clear waters. If doubts cloud you, face them head on and dispel them. If something plagues your mind, air it and get to know if you were right or just plain paranoid. Life and love is good to us when we have the guts to stand up and face that which others will skirt around. Sometimes if we wait for the rigidity of logic and the constraints of expectations to govern us, we will become exactly what we swore never to become.
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