Out with a vengance..

11 Mar

Remember that time when you had made those goals and you were ready to face the world gun blazing? That was me. Today. I recently listened to an audio book by Brian Tracy, ‘The principles of self discpline.’ If you want a book to kick start your ambition, that is the book you should look for. The election week break gave me a chance to catch up on my reading. In this case on my listening. I was challenged and i embarked on the dreary path of changing my habits.

The first step is always the first so i lauded myself for being able to wake up at the exact time that my alarm clock rang. That is major because i am in club slam-the-alarm. These are the people who hit the alarm clock to silence,turn over in a huff and drift back to sleep. They should make clocks with an anti-hit reflex. The moment you hit it, tiny thorns appear on the clock’s surface and your next slam on in will make you bolt out of bed literally! But that’s why people like me didn’t get the engineering flair in us because the world would taste the wrath of team narcissist.

The book emphasizes on planning your day to the very last bit and i had done that. Sort of. I had a pretty good idea what my day would look like. I left the house in good time after mum decided to stuff me with breakfast. But who’s complaining? I think my mum already missed me even before i left. I sometimes think that she wonders how she will be when i finally leave home. The nest will have started empting and the first nestling is trying out their wings in the world already. Its surreal how fast life moves and we transition into fully fledged adulthood and have to cut ties with the protection we have known for all our lives. A little bit scary don’t you think? So anyway, i got into matatu and in no time i was quite a distance from home. Then the dreaded happened. I was pressed and really felt like peeing. I really wanted to go but i was in a matatu, smack right in the middle of a traffic jam that was bumper to bumper and the traffic was literally crawling. Diversion techniques worked for a while as i tweeted and surfed to forget that i was pressed. It increasingly bacame harder to hold it as we approached town and i was practically saying mental chants to myself. That resulted to the genesis of my own metaphor; talking to the bladder. The meaning is quite literal and could also be coined by creative wordsmiths to mean an uncomfortable situation that cannot be sorted immediately due to a huge limiting factor. I contemplated alighting at three different stages and each time i was about to alight, the jam would move as though it was telling me that all was well. I was convinced all three times and indeed i did get to my destination even faster than i though i would. God is very kind. I got into a building where the security guard and receptionist were both in excellent moods and i was swiftly directed to the ladies. Never have i been so happy to see a washroom. I even took a picture for a memorabilia.


The universe seemed to be aligning in my favor today. i boarded another matatu and in no time i was in school. I was grining for some reason but i didn’t care how ridiculous i might look. I was having a great day. One paper to sit for in the afternoon and my day would be excellent.

Derailment comes from all quaters and always picks the time when you should be concentrating. I was setting up to read in my room when my friend called and announced that she is on her way. I missed her so i wasn’t really complaining. I would still read. Right? Wrong. Stories with girlfriends are way more interesting that a class handout. She came with another friend and soon it was an all out chat republic. Reading was a pipe dream and i just held the handout perpendicular to my eyes hoping that some information would jump into me.  But i wasn’t entirely clueless, right? I knew the unit content almost by heart and so I wouldn’t flunk, right? I hope you said right. Because thats what I did.

I get to the exam room and to my joy, it is a group discussion type of exam where you are allowed to refer to the handouts. Ha! Could the lecturer make it anymore easier? I was ecstatic. If they wanted a poster for a good day, this was it. I finished and got to catching up with my classmates. I could feel Lacrae’s song ‘Background’ playing in the back of my mind. Such moments deserve a sound track.

Supper(or dinner for those who prefer that), was a little startling because after a week of good home food, i didn’t want to revert back to the repulsive stuff we eat in the name of nourishment. Atleast fruits washed it down well. Its assignments galore here and i should ideally be slaving away at my laptop doing an assignment but i’m not. I felt like blogging and so i did. My mind can’t take in anymore and it needs to release. What better way than blogging! Well, I can hear my bed beckoning so i’ll leave you, my dear reader. Have a fabulous time. Especially you babe, because i know you will read this. 😉 Im looking forward to another goal filled day tomorrow with lessons learn from today’s faults. Self -actualization, here i come!

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