Priviledged in my own way..

10 Mar


Nothing intrigues me more than getting to observe people going about their daily lives. My sister tells me that i ought to join the CIA or something because my eye catches what most won’t. I don’t know why. I just do. Like that pickpocket who tried following my sister and I as we walked in town. I gave him a look that said ‘i know what you are and you should just scram before i get loud’. My sister hadn’t seen him. As usual. She is my exact opposite. An alien could walk past her and she will be completely oblivious to it. She calls me paranoid and i call her aloof. Experience is usually the best but most cruel teacher, so after being robbed twice in town, i developed a sixth sense for suspicious fellows. I can sniff them from a distance.

Besides my talent for sniffing thieves im also quite good at reading people just from their body language and stance. I was at the village market in Gigiri this weekend and i had lots of fun bowling with my siz and her ‘sweety’. I put that in quotes because she is younger than me and the probability that he will not be there for long is just as high as the probability that he will. I wish them all the best anyway. So yes i was the third wheel yesterday but who’s complaining. I let them be. They hardly noticed my presence. *chuckle* Well, most of the time anyway. My presence is almost impossible to not notice. I am quite loud with familiar company and i point out the weirdest things. So yes i am that pal who is bordering on weird and awesome but you just cant stay away from. I digress… So i was looking at the lives of the priviledged and moneyed. Their kids are especially intruiging. They have a body posture and facial expression that oozes relaxation and has undertones of what-the-heck-my-life-is-awesome. Topped with their uber-fashionable outfits that tend towards very short and brief pieces. But who i’m i to point that out? I do indulge myself too once in a while but i am abit more conservative. I somewhat admire their quiet confidence and assurance in their gait that everything will turn out alright.

I believe that everyone has had that one classmate or person that you know who lives way beyond their class and even wears it louder than those who can actually afford it. It usually begins as a childhood habit of exaggerating and adding little white lies to spice up stories that eventually spieals into an addictive game and metamorphoses into a lifestyle of trying too hard. Trying to be who you are not is so tiring that i wonder why some people haven’t yet had a breakdown or something. Or maybe they did but i was not around to witness it so that i could blog about it. This group of insistents are always present at such spots and they are the easiest to spot as they are the first to raise their noses in indignation, the ones itching to complain on how they are not being treated with the respect they deserve. Well,let me send a little reality check their way. What you call deserving is not even a factor in some people’s books. The fact that you wear a severely overpriced shoe by a designer who’s name you can’t pronounce without folding your face, doesnt make you any more equal than other people. I saw plenty of these. Some had been living that lifestyle and others were having a phase of indulgence. Either way, you can always tell someone’s story if you look close enough and pay attention.

But even as i look at all these people, I realised something. My sister and I were having a ball just doing mostly nothing there. We had fun all by ourselves and outside tranquilizers were not prerequisites to a good time. Of course they enhanced it but we would still do fune without. It dawned on me that priviledge is not only the number of zeros in your bank balance but what you do with the things you already have. Don’t get me wrong, I would want to have a lavish lifestyle in a heartbeat if I had the chance, but if it will blind me from enjoying what is truly important, which in most cases is totally free, then what’s the use? Priviledge is not what you accumulate in wealth but what you appreciate in that which you already have. That is all that matters in the end anyway. (thats my sister:-))

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One response to “Priviledged in my own way..

  1. Nason

    March 11, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Brilliant article Stella!


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