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They are everywhere but nowhere. Every girl is always looking for the proverbial Mr. Right and it is usually a journey that is riddled with its fair share of running in to Mr.  Absolutely horrible, before you know how to tell the difference between the two. So welcome to Manomania. It’s raining men but you cannot choose the one you really want. Here are tips on how to score the men in your life and choose the one that is right for you.


So let me save you the agony and lend you a few tips on how to tell the real deal from the heartbreak dispenser. Before I say anything, let me give a disclaimer to anyone who has been reading my blog regularly. You might wonder why I have decided to take the route of vain girlish magazine articles but don’t be so quick to judge. I am doing this piece for the sake of a clip we are doing for the Journey Media team in school. I can write this because I am sure that the camera will not zoom into the whole article but it will simply just highlight the major things so I can as well do gang signs and post Illuminati signs for all they care.


Let me get down to business. There are generally two types of guys. There is the charming bad boy and there is the refined gentleman. Most guys lie in the hazy in between but who wants a guy who is not even sure who he is? So let’s concentrate on these two.


The Charming Bad Boy


He is sleek he is smooth and he makes the ladies swoon. Most are adorned with the looks of a movie star but others are just the average Joe with a more than average sense of style and a natural God given gift of gab with the ladies. We know them, we would love to hate them but we secretly want them. Ladies, the act is up. I just let the secret out. Beat me if you can catch me. They used to be very easy to spot but the refined of them have learnt the art of blending in with the rest of the flock until they can sniff out their next target and lure them into his tantalizing grasp. Probably these references to animals make it so crude but we are innately mammal aren’t we? So excuse me for pointing out the obvious!!


Here are the tell tale signs to spot his ways before he has you firmly in his claws:


1. Bevy of beauties- He is constantly switching ladies as frequently as you check yourself in the mirror. His phone rings off the hook and three quarters of his phone book is numbers of ladies.


2. He meets you on his terms


3. He is all talk and no substance


4. He reminds you of the man your mother told you to stay away


5. He is has more excuses than a politician


6. You know him but you live in the illusion that he can be what you want him to. He won’t girl! Move on!!


The Refined Gentleman


He is the stuff Disney flicks are made of but he does not always come clad in colorful princely regalia. He is subtle in his ways but precise in his intentions. He may not be the most eccentric but he knows how to treat a lady right. He may be a devilish hunk or the normal Norman but he will be the guy who you like being with because he is downrightly honest and your mother would probably fall in love with him on first sight.


Here are the signs to look out for to spot a genuine gentleman who is truly a keeper and not a guy putting up an act looking to score and run off at the very moment he gets to score you.


1. He is considerate- He cares for what you want and does not impose his opinion on you.


2. He is forthright – Well at least as far as you can tell, he is not pretending to be what he is not and has even invited you to his inner circle so that you will get to know him.


3. He shows what he is about and not just cheap talk of grandiose intentions.


4. He is not afraid to be himself and he likes you when you are yourself.





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