One month after…

03 Feb

It’s quite rude of me to just begin this year without blogging but I guess old habits are hard to shake off. 2012 insisted on me carrying forward all the sloth from last year and thus I am writing my first blog post this year after one month is over. Better late than never. But that is nothing that a bad habit detox can’t fix. Many people plan on adopting new habits in the New Year but they forget that they have to make room for the new and improved by uninstalling some of the longstanding habits. A character cleanse is not as popular or sexy sounding as a complete body cleanse but it is just as crucial.

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After crossing several treacherous hurdles of a little laziness and sleep, here I am again. This year I have resolved to bare my heart in my blog. I might have held back just a little (actually it’s a lot) last year but I realized that each and every story matters and some things that may seem trivial and inconsequential to you may be gold to someone.

So far, this year looks quite promising. However in the face of promise mocks the stare of the present reality. One thing that plagues humanity just as much as it moves them is the potency of love and all its complexities. The beautiful thing about love is that you have not felt alive until you have loved. But the tragedy is that the person who gladdens your heart the most is the one who will make you shed your most painful tears. Hate and love are two very different extremes but one cannot exist without the other and you fall on either of the side. A middle ground is a consolation that people give themselves to try and soften the landing in case they fall. An illusion made to cushion the weak in heart.

But with time I have learnt a few simple truths about this phenomenon called love. There have been ancient teachings and stories from yester years that give us wise snippets but we are usually too busy looking for that Hollywood spark, that we miss the obvious even when it is staring us in the face. The simple good old virtues are those that keep a love flourishing after years of experiencing life together. The simple but crucial attributes include; wisdom, respect, patience and humility.

Often times, people take an antagonistic approach to love and they seek to understand the thinking of the other person so that you can know how to influence them to eventually agree to your needs. If anyone would be honest, they would tell you that all those self help books they read are to help them gain insight into the inner thinking of their partners so that they can manage to manipulate them in some way or the other. There is a widespread notion that there is a particular formula that can be worked into relationships and then things will just start falling into place. That could not be the furthest from the truth. The simple art of human relations has been tainted by the endless theories of best practice in how to treat each other. It’s all vanity. Even the good book seconds it. The wisest king who ever lived (Solomon) says it himself in the book of Ecclesiastes. All is vanity. But the things that move the universe are the forces of love and truth.

This year, I have a feeling that it will be a great year that will expand my horizons in life in all aspects including love, relationships and the business of living. The first month of the year is already over and I am on track for the year. Sloth still tries to hold me back but patience is increasingly becoming my best friend.

It takes time to shake off bad habits but it feels great when you have taken a couple of steps in the right direction, and you look back each time to notice that you are moving further away from your past towards the great possibilities ahead.

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