Fear makes the world go numb

03 Feb

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They say that love makes the world go round. I say that fear makes the world go numb and what a tragedy that is. Many people could do things far beyond their wildest dreams but they hesitate and waste time continuously contemplating and speculating that the eventually get left behind and end up bitter and disillusioned. Everyone is always waiting for their big break in life where they will hit jackpot and score big in life. But at times, the chances are not clad in fine linen or smell like designer perfume. It can be dreadfully plain and a far cry from glamorous but it could also be the point that will link you with that one opportunity to put yourself in a position to change your life.

I am usually petrified of public humiliation. Very much so, that I at times hold back what I have just in case someone thinks it is ridiculous. Just the other day, I got a chance of facing my fear of public humiliation. You might have immediately thought that I got to go talk to a bunch of people but no. A few friends and I had just come from a video shoot and one of them was pushing a trolley with some of the equipment and a box that we keep supplies in. Sometimes, we usually sit on the box and get to be wheeled around in a trolley. It is incredibly fun but we prefer doing it at places where there are few people. I decided it was might turn to go at it. We were at a very densely populated part of school and there were crowds of people walking past us in both directions. So I decided to give my oh-so-image-conscious self a little shocker.

I got onto the trolley and I had a lot of fun getting wheeled around. At first I felt all the stares from people piercing me but in no time I realized something that has changed my perspective since. People have a way of reading vibes from you. If you are feeling insecure and scared, they will feel that and they will treat you accordingly. But if you ooze confidence and a carefree attitude, then they will respond in a much more desirable fashion. When I got over the initial fright and started enjoying it, I could see some of the people staring start to envy me. I was having fun and living life. Plus I noticed that people don’t really have that much time to ponder about you and dissect your every move. That is unless they are gossip writers and you are famous. It dawned on me that the fear of humiliation is really the fear of self and the only cure is to face it and feel the actual “humiliation” so that you can realize that it’s never as bad as it seems.

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Do you know how many people are stuck in a rut because the mere thought of taking a leap scares them half to death? So they choose to remain in the boring average, the familiar safety zone. The beautiful thing about daring to live is that with each leap of faith, it gets easier and easier to take chances and live life to the fullest.

It is easy to keep up routine until you have it mastered to the latter. But true growth is when you venture into the uncharted and etch out a path for yourself, thus beckoning others to follow suit. Just as the very first ray of light gives the queue for the flowers to bloom, so does the man who dares to believe give the rest of humanity the audacity to dream.
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