Its a Stella- typa Christmas…

26 Dec

As I was watching TV, I saw a quote that caught my eye and made me think. It said, “Like a puppy, the holidays can be more of a challenge than a joy.” In more ways than one, this is so true. Personally it is very true. Holidays haven’t exactly been my walk in the park considering my rather turbulent childhood. I’m not just about to spill my guts so you are safe and you can continue reading.

Well, this year, the usual holiday drama wasn’t expected so we had a chance to change traditions and transform our holidays. The thing about trying to instill a new tradition into a tradition less life is like introducing salt in tea. Not very welcome is it? I mean who does that? You’d rather have tea without sugar than have it with salt. Challenging the normal comes with its own litany of problems and opposition. Some direct others indirect. From both people and circumstance. But determination has a way of giving you the audacity to have a pair and act on your thoughts.

So this time, the banks weren’t exactly pouring out their bounty at our place so it was Christmas on a budget. Upside was that, we didn’t have the usual accompanying drama from dad so it was a fabulous Christmas even without doing anything. So without the luxury that money brings with it, all we had was each other and frankly we didn’t know what to do with each other. I guess that comes from a culture of non- involvement so we should even be glad to change the sequence of events and appreciate what we have before all we can do is wear black and send a bouquet of flowers.

Mum and I tried to brainstorm things to do but each time something jumped into my mind, it costs quite an amount so I just told her that we will wait for the D-day and we shall see what it brings along. So it was Christmas and the weather was quite beautiful I must say. The sun was out and it had all the makings of a glorious day. First came the usual rounds of cooking because for some reason, people don’t feel like they have had a celebration unless they stuff themselves with ridiculous amounts of food. I had woken up with a slight sniff but it escalated to calculated sneezing at seemingly pre-determined intervals of ten seconds. The fumes and heat from making chapattis wasn’t exactly helping so I just finished my dues and went to rest my now throbbing head on the sofa. This wasn’t my usual morning sneeze and I felt as if a rock had moved into my forehead for Christmas. I’d probably be happy if it didn’t threaten to rip my forehead open with the continuously escalating pounding in my head. At some point, I frankly though I was dying. Mayans, thank you for the shot of paranoia you gave everyone just a few days to Christmas. Now go shove it down your throat because it is doing no one any good.

I took a long, very long bath to cool down my cold and thank God it did work. My sneezing almost stopped and my scarlet red nose had now tuned to a more acceptable pink that was non-frightening. I declined to go to animal orphanage with mum and smallest sister. Don’t judge me. I was a little under the weather. I know Christmas is all about family but I think they will have more fun actually enjoying each other than worrying about their sickly comrade. I had given lots of forethought to it. To make up for my lack of company on the trip, I decided to surprise them with some goodies when they came back. Considering my previous day splurge on two dresses that cost a pretty penny, I did not exactly have too much money to work with. So I got my heavy headed self off the couch and went for a walk to the nearby supermarket. I deliberately decided to go in the late afternoon because then, the sun is way more kind and the air seems fresher. I went to the supermarket with my other sister who is younger than me but managed to grow slightly taller than me. Underline slightly! She gloats about it all the time and I vehemently deny it because to me it is very negligible. If you ask me, she has long knees and that the story I am sticking with. Apparently I hear that my sister and I look very much alike so I guess walking together can cause a tidbit of commotion judging from the looks we got as we walked by people. It was a nice brief walk. Just how I like it. The sun’s rays kissed my skin just right and I even smiled for no reason whatsoever.

I was in a glorious mood and if you asked me to dance on a table top, I probably would have. Therefore I made supper. I shouldn’t have. Because my head almost fell off. The headache was on a revenge mission from hell. I couldn’t see straight so I went to bed early like a chicken. Probably the spirits of all the slain chickens making me atone for all their slain selves. Mum got worried and gave me meds and for the first time since I was small, I was tucked in by mum. Actually she fixed the net even though I was profusely refusing.

I really did think I would die and so I Goggled my headache before I die from something that I had no idea about. I did find out what was wrong. I had just had a Sinusitis attach that caused that headache. That just means my sinuses acted up and now my forehead was paying the price. At that moment my life flashed before my eyes and I wished for a hug. The song if tomorrow never comes was playing in my head and I wished for a text or call from my far-off sweetheart but I didn’t get either. It would have been nice but we don’t always get what we wish for, do we? The complexities of love. Sometimes the person you need the most is never there just when you need them. They are only human and can’t read your thoughts, right? Right. But we still expect them to be psychic especially when we are in agony. But the beauty of God is that he is always around and gives you a sort of sign to show you that you will be alright and that things are never as bad as you may assume. Well, I am just grateful that I am still alive and that I still have a life to look forward to. Happy new year Everyone and Happy holidays.

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One response to “Its a Stella- typa Christmas…

  1. vikmunala

    December 26, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    nice article, pole about the head thingy…but I am pretty sure Chapati is written with a single t


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