You only live when you risk…

16 Dec

Maybe it’s something with the holidays or the festive season but they tend to make you think a lot. Reflect, mostly, on what is really important and what isn’t. Especially end of year. It tends to dawn on you that you aren’t growing any younger, nor has time grown any kinder to wait for your indecision to fade. Reality seems to be more real and the present even more surreal. It might be the reason why we indulge too much and avoid the talking. Because talking involves thinking, and sometimes the very depth of our own thoughts can scare us.

Or is it the sudden realization that we are truly alone in this world and that we are solely responsible for the direction our life leads. Even delay in choice is a choice in its self. Not the best type of choices because time does not give second chances. It can bring around the same situation twice but the second time round; you will be much wiser but altogether more weary and beaten down.

Nothing is a guarantee. Not even the very love that was promised to you by that special someone who causes your heart to race and weakens the knees. No it’s never assured. But the best advice I have received so far is that to live a happy life, you ought to live it like a man. “How is this?” you ask? Well, I asked the same and this is what I was told.

“When you find a good thing, grab it and see how it goes. With that mentality, everything is an adventure and you will enjoy every moment.”

Risky? I agree. But what isn’t? The very act of waking, breathing or living is a risk. You can as well lie on your bed and it collapses under you and you hit your head at the spot which kills you instantly. Surreal? Yes. Sobering? It better be. I have seen people transformed by far less.

So let’s celebrate this! Why? Because only when you live with the end in mind will you realize that the present is truly all you’re sure you have. That each second that passes is truly all that you have. The future could be anticipated but it shouldn’t consume us. The past can be reflected, but it shouldn’t drown us. The tears of yesterday should be the realizations of today and the triumphs of tomorrow.

Life is a gift, love is a privilege, friends are a treasure and family is divine. All others follow this and to be truly happy, you got to be willing to take a risk for what you believe. For you only live when you spread your wings and jump of the cliff and see just how well your wings can carry you. Calculated risk is the trick and be careful who you dare to trust.


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