Suck it up!!

07 Nov

Our choices define us. Our choices carve out our paths. They are the difference between right and wrong, wise or unwise. Every little choice is important as it eventually leads to even larger decisions which will even affect a whole generation. I managed to amerce this volley of wisdom just last week. If a week could be described as epic and timely, then that would be it!!!

I know I haven’t written for the longest time ever so I am back and I will not usher myself back riding mundane topics and thoughts. Reawakening would even be an understatement to describe what is going on inside of me. Enough with the juicy introduction and let me jump right in. The journey movement was holding a joint activity week where the three sections of Journey in Kenyatta University, J.K.U.A.T, and University of Nairobi had a series of activities that were nothing short of life changing. I will not bore you with the details of the program but in that week, I went from a weepy Jenny to an ecstatic Janise! It was an unexplainable blend and miasma of emotions.

Every lady out there will agree with me that a good cry will usually let go of some emotions that even our endless stream of words could not adequately express. And when the ladies had their meeting, I was touched.( At this point is where any guy reading this will automatically go blah blah blah… So I took the liberty of inserting the picture of the two anime English cartoons. Thank me later.) Have you ever felt like what you are going through is totally foreign and exclusive pain that only you are condemned to endure? Think again. Like a huge web touching each and every person several times, we are interlaced in experiences, thoughts, problems and aspirations. It is somewhat some consolation to learn that you are not the only nutcase around and that you are in good company. It is mildly consoling in its own kind of way. So you would believe my surprise when I heard that people had similar experiences to mine. Like a troubled sorority of sorts, who like talking, praying, laughing and sharing.

Talking of sharing, I got two pairs of earrings from ladies I did not know and sincerely I shed a tear. A random act of kindness from a stranger has a way of unearthing the rawest sentimentality even in the heart of the irrefutably hardened person. Maybe I should start doing random acts of kindness just to bring a smile to the face of someone who was probably on the verge of breakdown.

Before it escapes me, I just have to comment about one of the speakers at the ladies hangout. She is in her mid forties and she could easily blend in and be mistaken as a person in her mid twenties. The youth in her skin and physique was undoubtedly spectacular, that I was left speechless. I have just found the justification to stand having herbal teas and salad. Dreadfully boring at times but if I manage to look as stunning as her when I’m forty six, then it’s worth the trouble.

Have you ever had Neem tea? If you haven’t then don’t! You have missed nothing. It is horrid and with a bitterness that seems vengeful. As if the darn plant is giving us grief for all the benefits you get from it. I have never tasted anything so sickening. For a herb that is highly medicinal, one would think it was discovered by a sadist who made a drink that made you feel like throwing up and yet for it to be effective, you needed to keep it ingested. But that’s all in the spirit of keeping healthy. The other option is Mc Donald’s and sodas and we All know how that will end. Obese and eventually at some point in time, having tubes running through your body in the cardiac ward!!

Choices define us where we choose to embrace the fact or not so the best thing in my opinion is just to grow some guts and take. Responsibility can be a pain (all lazies sing along with me) but the lack of it will make you pathetic after all is said and done. Good things never come easy so suck it up my friends!!!

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One response to “Suck it up!!

  1. billionaire

    January 24, 2013 at 2:29 am

    choices define made make a a big life decision(choice).ulikuwa umetumwa wewe.thanks


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