The magical side of life…

23 Aug

Sometimes we don’t understand what goes on in this life. Or why it happens at the time it does.  Other times we spend so much time looking for love and just when we ease up the effort and decide to relax, it comes knocking on our door when we least expect it. I think it is the beauty of life. The era of technology undoubtebly has brought such a revolution in the 21st century but if you ask me, it has killed the element of surprise. We know that at the push of a certain button, this will happen. Or look at science too. We know that if we mix this portion with the other, it will form a particular thing. The element of surprise has then been replaced with infinite calculations and footnotes.

That is why sometimes fate just shakes us up to remind us that we don’t rule the world. Nor can our endless deductions really tell us what will happen tomorrow. Neither can the never ending formulas map a plan to happiness. Sometimes, it is okay to leap before you calculate. If your heart is at peace and it all feels right, just do it. The same forces that led you to discover that which leads you to happiness, will most probably give you the grace or the way to manoeuvre through it all. The world is governed by time but we are beings with a sense of eternity. It is inborn and it governs our thoughts and judgements. Picture the time that you had someone who filled you with so much joy. Did you not feel like it will never end or that there was no sense of time. The wonderful world of timeless bliss where time didn’t matter or words were not necessary to express what you felt. It is a divine emotion that you have to feel to understand the depth. We were not meant to be bound by the constraints of time but we have to make do with it because the first beings broke an agreement with the Almighty.

So when you meet the person who gladdens your heart, don’t be too blind or rigid to hold back and let a good thing pass you by. Neither should you let fear or pride hold you back. Go for it. If it was yours for the taking, you will have it. But if it was not your time, be graceful enough to let go and wait for the wind of love to bring you your hearts missing piece. Love, true love, is the deepest magic that this world has ever known and no one knows exactly why or how it hits us. Just the fact that it comes to those who truly believe in it and feels like nothing else in this world.


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One response to “The magical side of life…

  1. mshileche

    August 28, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    My friend you have blown me off with this. Creativity and humour at its best. excellent.


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