Grains of time

07 Jul

I feel a mix of resolve and pity

your down and begging for reprieve

you broke the terms of our treaty

threw the trust right out of the door

I expected more

thought that you will amount to gold

but sadly you settled for a mock

lowly imitation of the real thing

rich in words but poor with actions

took my kindness for weakness

forgetting that the storm brews in the depth of the calm

your palm

your seemingly kind and gentle arms

just but potential qualms

my heart,

I hold close to my scars

got to earn your way

for I know the pain of hurt

but you broke the trust

I may forgive but I cannot forget


you lost your chance

and now its the last dance

I held your hand

but we’ve ran out of grains of sand

I walk on

in my path of life

but this time

I leave you behind



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Posted by on July 7, 2012 in Poetry


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