Public relation nightmare

04 Jun

If Kenya was a brand I’d dread being its PR manager. Its like running an out of control circus with characters on both extremes of the spectrum. I love Kenya and its my homeland but at times i cringe at the very behavior of those affiliated to it.

Kenya is the home of brilliant minds and creative geniuses but a few stray bullets disgust me. Like this Alex Kinyua fellow. What in the world is going on in his deranged head? How would you eat a man’s heart? What is wrong with him? And his parents have opened an account to raise money for bail? Are they for real? How about we also release all mad men and make them CEOs while we’re at it? Unbelievable! Then we have the clowns we call leaders who make our IQ seem negligible. To crown it, we have irritated terrorists on our back, who explode buildings when they are bored.  In my opinion, when you pick your enemies, pick those with constructive hobbies like tree planting. Maybe then we would ensure reafforestation by pissing them off enough to send them on a tree planting frenzy and the Mau forest issues would be no more.

You want to know why its a nightmare? I remember this grand ambition of an impeccable city in the near future which needs trucks full of funding. These trucks won’t drive themselves here and we need to woo some people with fat wallets here. How then do we do that with all the negative vibe going on? Thank Heavens that Olympics are around the corner and I’m certain that our dear athletes will do us proud.It will do the country the much needed damage control.

Some people choose to live in ignorance and flow with the common place stereotypes of people that flat around. I have heard a from a few people who have had the chance of going to other countries and its a little on the silly and plain stupid side the types of questions that they have to respond to. Apparently the world thinks that all Kenyans are Shuka wearing, lion chasing and marathon winning people.  Oh, Not to forget the newly added past time of cannibalism!*rolling my eyes*. I am foreseeing visa trouble for people, especially those who want to travel to the USA. Americans can be a bit too paranoid for a bunch of people who give rise to some of the weirdest people and trends. I mean look at Illuminati! Rumor has it that it was born breed and spread there. i don’t know how true the rumor is but it is not my duty to confirm a rumor but to spread them if they further my agenda.

But when all is said and done, Kenya has done okay so far despite all the setbacks. Plus I am pretty sure we will do even better in future. If anyone has any ‘wise’ thing to say about Kenya, they will get a ready response before they can say the word Kenya from the more than eager bunch of lovely, sharp tongued and highly sarcastic Kenyans on twitter #KOT. I guess we do have a PR strategy after all!

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