A mistake doesn’t stop being a mistake because it was random

16 May

These days there is a mass movement of spontainety and random living. Its normall termed as fun and carefree but if you ask me its retarded and careless. Am not one to judge because i’ve had my fair share of “fun” and i have my own sizable list of random rendevous. So my words are aimed at everyone, noone and anyone who thinks this post makes sense.

To err is human, but to do so on purpose is on its own level of misjudgement or complete lack of sense. There are instances where normal cognitive functions are impaired. Times when the mind is either intoxicated, short circuited or infiltrated by blinding sensations referred to as love(or rather lust). Or the impulses created by misguided beliefs and allegiances to groups(cults) or associations (more cults). Other people just suffer from selective amnesia and conviniently forget the countless times they swore not to jump of a cliff without the bungee rope. Who is to blame then when they crash down n break a bone or three?

I have a theory. Self critism after doing unwise things is usually more hurtful and harder than hearing it from others . Some people can’t bear the level of frankness needed for self reflection so they choose the easy way out. People condition their minds to forget their past mistakes and slipups. In shorter terms, escapism. Why bring things into scrutiny while you could just keep them in the closet? If you enjoy constant regret and trouble, be my guest. The path to self improvement is narrow but fulfilling.

We’ve been conditioned to work hard in life. Well, how about redirecting that energy from a tedious unfruitful education systen to our own lives. Think about it.

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