You either got it or you don’t

14 May

Some things seem so normal and obvious until we almost automatically expect to get things flowing smoothly. that is until the day that it will be taken away. Humans are creatures of habit and they may sometimes be too preoccupied in auto pilot mode that they forget to look out for the towers ahead that could rip things apart. not really literally. i just mean that thing would not be so nice and rosy. Maybe i should start being a little dramatic in my descriptions and say things like it shall gorge out your very heart from the rib cage, shred your hopes to a whiff of smoke, tread on your hopes until all you have is specks of dust. I probably sound like the overly aggressive African American mothers that i see on movies who say things like ” I’m gonna whoop you so hard that your hips gonna spin.” Really? isn’t that a bit too extreme? Coming form me, who has grown up with similarly terrorizing parents, then you should think that it is extreme.

Speaking of upbringing, before i even envision kids in my future, i will sit and formulate a way to make them super adults when am done with them. i turned pretty good but I’d like to leave out the inborn diva trait in me. it isn’t bad at all, if i could say so myself, but there’s only room for so many of us. Especially not in the same household. We’d probably fight endlessly or become bosom friends… Why am i talking of motherhood dreams? Brrrr…..( cold shiver) Am probably aging faster that i think. maybe i should go for a botox shot while am at it.

Before i severely digressed, I was saying that things matter more when you loose hem or loose a bit of it for a while. For instance, i recently got a thoroughly annoying and intense flu. i literally thought that my head would explode and i had the constant urge to sleep or slap something. i did the former of course. I don’t like initiating physical encounters because i am usually not man enough to finish them. Well, am not a man to begin with, so no remorse. After two days of sleep and hot fluids, i felt like i was alive again. I felt the kind of joy that a person feels when you get your first job. I wouldn’t know how it feels because i haven’t ever had a first job but i imagine that is what it feels like. if i had money lying around, i would have probably thrown a bash. but you get my drift. i was so accustomed to waking up nice and healthy that i thought good health was normal.

If you watch the news, then i do not need to explain to you the dire effect that the abnormally heavy rain has had on many parts of Kenya. I live in one of them. Ongata Rongai. just incase you don’t watch news and the only thing you read is face book, let me fill you in. in rongai. a torrent seasonal river burst its banks and was flowing on a road. It swept away a car and killed all the three passengers on board. Do you want to know something interesting? I was at that river on that very night the tragedy happened. i dint see it happen but i had enough drama to last me a while. Its a long story but in short we wited for the water levels to subside for close to four hours. a brave guy was the first to attempt to cross and when he got through. people held hands and crossed as groups it was like seeing an episode of lost. I was almost in disbelief and wondering if it was actually happening or not. I was in the company of some ladies from church who had given me a lift. We finally crossed when the small personal cars had started passing and got home in no time. Getting home is usually no big occasion, but on that day i felt as i had accomplished something substantial.

Sometimes i think i have had quite a generous share of tragedy and trials but i got a new way of looking at it. i have had lots of opportunities to show me that there is someone high above looking out for me and that my time here is not yet done. Before you learn to appreciate the small things in life, then you haven,t really lived yet.

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