20 Jan

It’s the beginning of a new year and my second semester of my second year in campus. A couple of friends and I in the Journey society decided that a camp will be an epic way to start the semester and year so a bunch of us got together and went for camp last weekend. It was at the scenetic camp Malta in Murang’a. Amazing how two days seem so short when you are having so much fun.

On Sunday morning we went on a hike and had our sermon while seated on the rocks of river Maragua. Nature has a way of evoking thought and reflection in most people and the sound of rushing water is pure bliss and a somewhat hypnotizing tranquility. It took me to my happy place, the space where my creative juices are flowing and words just arrange themselves in my mind. A writer’s heaven. I had in fact drafted a whole blog post but good old internet decided to play the sadist and conveniently refused to load all what I had written. As a result I lost the post but bygones are bygones. I refuse to continue the string of bad adjectives I used to describe the net. I’d probably get censored.

The speaker was talking about the fact that our lives are not always just about us. We are part of a bigger picture that may seem to elude us but it all comes clear in due time. He gave us a few moments to get our own personal space and think about what we’d tell God if he showed up today. I love such moments. Many don’t understand the power of spending time with self. I am one who enjoys conversation with me. Maybe am weird but it works for me so why not. First I couldn’t get over the fact of how relaxed I felt by the waters so I made a mental note to have a waterfall in my backyard in future when I’ll be a fully grown. Not that am not, but I like to believe that I have a whole lot to learn before I have the grace and easy sway of knowledge and wisdom that comes with being a grown up. The water fall will be my zone where I can reboot and breathe. Or even better,a place to escape nagging in-laws. But God forbid it. My patience quotient has not reached the level where I can sit and watch people driving me crazy.

I got to think about the fact that my life is not really mine but someone else fashions my steps and the outcome of my life. Its frankly a little disheartening because the widely preached notion that we are in charge of the course of our lives gets nullified. I don’t know if it’s just me but there is an air of change and transformation in the horizon and its catching on to many people. Just the other day, a few of my roommates friends came visiting and we got engaged in a heated debate about the validity of the Bible and the concept of life, right and wrong. I sincerely did not expect us to ever talk such things with them. So it got me interested and it confirms my theory that humans, no matter how hard the try to hide it, seek structure and truth in their lives. A source of consolation. This year,in my opinion, will be a year of new things. trying out things that i never have so as i sat on the rock, my one prayer to God was to give me the opportunities and guts.

After the moment with nature and my thoughts, we went on a long hike.It was tiring but fun.I bet i would have fun anywhere as long as i had the people that were there. Awesome personalities. Its good to appreciate people while they can still receive it so this is my big up to the good times and memories. Before i sign off, i have to say that today i will give my first ever poetry reading. I’d call it a recital but i did not memorize the words so its a poetry reading. I titled it Stage fright. Symbolic huh? I hope i won’t cave in. Wish me luck!


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4 responses to “THOUGHTS ON THE ROCK

  1. Clr

    January 20, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Good stuff gal! n can’t wait for tonight.. Officially umeingia list ya #WaleWasee 🙂 (Awesome people)

  2. Karina

    January 20, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    You are multitalented! .Lovely piece,. Looking forward to reading more of this… All the best on the stage tonight

  3. Hilowa

    January 20, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    Nice one!I also appreciate them moments i spend alone n reflect,may in the bush!

  4. morepixels

    January 23, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    finally read it Stella.. this is a really vivid note of the Sermon in the Mount Day..really creative, i TOTALLY Like!


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