Year of paradoxes

29 Dec

Its end of year 2011 and everyone is all sentimental about the past year. I’m not sure whether i should be grateful for the year to be over or reminisce the moments.

This year i have hit rock bottom and touched the sky top all within 365 days. Between January and march i had the last semester of 1st year and it was epic. I did many silly things that i do not regret and i met lots of crazy people i am not forgetting anytime soon. I also met an awesome guy who i let slip away because i was at the time infatuated by a tall guitarist.

Between may and June was probably the period when i did things more verbally than practically. In 2012 I’ll shut my trap and put actions where my mouth is. At least this blog came into birth on one of the dreadfully dull afternoons when the TV had decided to self destruct and leave us in utter misery and at the mercy of my dad who was in no hurry to replace it. Talk of sadistic parents. I never understand why they say i watch too much TV. Am i supposed to go read? Am in campus, reading is reserved for exam time only. Am digressing. At least i put that holiday into some use when i joined zetech for a short course. Something is dreadfully wrong with the systems at public universities because i studied more in the 3months at zetech than i had done back at K.U. At around June i got texted to the curb by my long time infatuation, a tall guitarist. I languished for about a week before a rebound guy presented himself. You know that its pretty had to stay single when you have spent such a long while in a state of being perpetually in love. Thus i got myself a guy and we lasted for a month before the fire fizzled and we went our separate ways. It was more of a mounth long escapade. He was a good cook by the way and had a nice way with words. I’m a sucker for wordsmiths.(I hope he doesnt read this). I had officially had my shortest relationship ever and it was oddly confusing . I am not doing that again. Ever!

The holiday was over and i got back to school with thoughts of singlehood and zetech. I postphoned zetech until further notice. I don’t like disturbing my freetime at ku. It was 1st semester 2nd year and i felt like i had stayed for 4 years already. Campus gets monotonous and boring. Same old, same old. However, i am not one to watch my life bore my very will to breath so i had mad fun. I had the craziest birthday party ever where i got so wasted and thereafter swore off alcohol. I can’t forget the best girls night ever with my friends where we told secrets amidst food and liquor. God forbid any enemity between us because what was said there should never leave that room. Too scandalous. I experienced the highlife and met true cocky self-important selfish guys. I am not goin slow on anyone. I’m glad i got to also rekindle a few embers that had fizzled over time. I made some hard decisions like quitting the band. Music is still my very heartbeat but i like being in a place where i am appreciated and i hate silly politics and unbearable characters. On a happier note i joined the media team and made interesting friends, and my semester ended fairly well.

I’m now on holiday and reflecting. I could have done somethings better, i shouldn’t have done somethings and i passed up doing something that i should have. But those are bygones and i’ve learnt alot. We live and we learn and make mistakes along the way. So far 2012 is looking hopeful and i am going full out, so help me God!

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One response to “Year of paradoxes

  1. Nkay9

    December 29, 2011 at 11:59 am

    That girls’ night was epic!! Love you!


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