Single in a coupling world

01 Dec

I happen to live with three beautiful ladies as my roommates and i love living with them. However there is only one problem. You see i am currently somehow single. Somehow has been used intentionally because a girl like me always has plan B. Am digressing so back to my story. I cant help but sometimes feel a tidbit irritated when everyone is all mushy and lovey dovey. Girls are cudly creatures so i also get the unexplainable desire to curdle. Maybe i should cut back on my consumption of chick flicks -no, scratch that. I need my chickflicks. I should get me single friends to go hate on couple’s with.

Despite this, it has its perks. I get the priviledge of assessing relationship problems from a different angle, and from where i stand, love feuds look like childish tantrums and search for attention. Pardon me if i sound cocky but seriously. What would you call endless yapping because someone texted you five minutes after your expected hour even without listening to the explanation? I feel sorry for my ex if i ever behaved like that. Plus singlehood doesn’t come with the emotional baggage of someone else. But maybe its just me hating because am not hooked up. Love is actually beautiful and dreamy, awesome and preety. . .bla bla bla. Do not be decieved i am not going soft today. Its an all out single’s rant. But i shall not accept anyone refering me to this post after am all dreamy and in love. 🙂

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