17 Nov

I would love to say that campus has made me overwhelmingly busy that i don’t get to do much but the opposite is true. I have become extremely lazy that i do an overwhelming lot of nothing.

So on my occassional strolls to nowhere in particular, I happened to bump into a substancial population whose hair styles could best be chuckled at. Then the old methali came to mind, “akili ni nyewele, kila mtu ana zake.” I however gave it a little twist, “Akili ni nywele ama weave kila mtu ana yake.”(No wonder the world’s going insane)The remix was informed by the multitude of hilariously coloured weaves that walked past me. It was literally raining colour around me. Did i miss the memo that ardered coloured hair? I think my calendar skipped rainbow hair day in its lists of holidays.

Am really glad i took that stroll. I tink i exhausted my laughter quota for the day. I give myself quite a large quota per day because i live in a hilarious environment where laughter literally seeks you out and jumps right at you in every corner of the jungle called campus.

I know the 80’s look is back and all but before i get used to it,let me have my moments.
I’ll stop when an offended party will get physical and kick me However i am still of the opinion that all the madness that passes as fashion shoild be exhausted in the teen years and early 20’s. This is because if some of those otfits made it out into civilised society, the will be the oblect of mocking disapproving stares.

But don’t get me wrong, I am all for individuality. But when it borders on dressing like you are attending clown auditions, I think our fashion sense should be revisited.

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One response to “RAINBOW COLOURS:Xtreme style

  1. Ken Nzau

    November 17, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    I totally seemed, i was the only one with a similar opinion. I have been thinking of starting a movement, Men Against Weaves in Kenya (MAWK). Not to mock as the name suggests but as u said, to bring sanity, GFF!! zingine hukaa gorofa, zikona hadi first floor, 2nd floor..hehe., NICE ARTICLE!!


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