Boxed up, Boxed in

17 Nov

seemingly chained
suck in a world untamed
i look around and se black
am i crazy or just out of luck
boxed up boxed in
held down by voices within
i am the biggest enemy of me

strutting the busy streets
living on outo pilot
my life’s a script
that seems so out of reach
flowing by
carried with the tide
nothing truly mine
existing in a mindless trance
sober while drunk
foolish but wise
silly while brilliant
nonesensical paradox
pointless rambling

like Indie Arie, I need therapy
but like Craig David,
I’m walking away
save me from myself
a cry lost in the rain
surrounded by friends
but like rihanna we are ten thousand miles apart
singing along with skillet
i feel like a monster
i need a saviour
maybe just a gigantic explosion
o dilute the corrosion
heal the erosion

like lil wayne sang,
I never knew how to love
especially loving me
pleased all but myself
alongside francesca Batistelli
i want to be free to be me
as in the wordss of whitney Houston
the greatest love of all
is when you love yourself
am boxed in boxed up in my thoughts

music spins in my head
urging me to break free
block out the voices
take all your chances
cut all your losses
pick up the pieces
and rise from the ashes

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Posted by on November 17, 2011 in Poetry


One response to “Boxed up, Boxed in

  1. Edwin Gakumbi

    December 12, 2011 at 9:51 am

    mmmmmh!!!!…..nice poem, kudos


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