I’m back and lamenting

10 Oct

Its about time i dusted my blog. Cobwebs had moved in and made themselves comfortable. I’m not intending to justify myself, but I suffered from a severe case of postponing and laziness. Am not sure that its cured but boredom has its way of pushing you to think, then the creative juices start flowing…

At this instance, i’m not at my best form because my forehead feels like lead and sleep is constantly nagging at me. Why don’t i just sleep? I am attending a certain conference ,of which, i already question the wisdom in attending. Besides being bored beyond belief, i am freezing because i didnt park for the cold weather. At this point, i would say that my monday sucks with all confidence.

I had an amazing weekend and i hoped for an epic week ahead. Thank heavens the week is still young so there is still a chance for it to improve. I know its in bad taste for me to return and the first thing i do is cast my lamentations on my blog. However its a proven fact that exhaling is crucial if you want to breath again. On that note you stand warned because i shall bombard my blog with posts that have been lingering in my mind for long.. In a nutshell, am back and back for good, for better and for best. 🙂

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