28 Sep

Today was one of those days where you wake up with the feeling of accomplishment and the drive to do a lot of things with the anticipation that the day will end beautifully. For once in my mornings, I woke up at the first ring of my alarm or rather the first sound of the awesome rock song that I have as my alarm tone. I was in my A game mood so I got down to doing some yoga to give me the much needed morale and tenacity. As all die hard yogis could tell you, there is no better feeling than the aftermath of a good yoga session. Purely orgasmic.

After the usual morning peripherals and the all important breakfast, i went to class(on time, which is like very rare when its me you are referring to. Today happens to be the day we do food production practicals where we go to the kitchen(food lab) and are taught how to be the next top my surprise, albeit slight, i had conveniently forgotten to not only iron but also wash my chef coat so i looked like i fell from a crease festival. The mental picture is probably not very pleasant so to set the records straight, the coat was not filthy. Just a little stain that it had caught previously.Luckily the lecturer was running a little late and he sent word that he would be running late. That was pleasant news for many of my classmates and i because they had something wrong with their attire or they had forgotten an item of uniform. ironical how we rejoice at the lecturers absenteeism while others lament of lack thereof of lecturers. Unfair world we live in huh? Ha! Who’s complaining? We had a wonderful time delving in the intriguing world of cuisine, taking forbidden bites out of the exquisite food we made and making videos of people’s wishes if today was their last day on earth.You can guess how that went. Not many people wished to die virgins just as long as a slot in heaven was guaranteed. I refuse to say some of the other more explicit details of some people’s wishes but i was thoroughly amused.

Sometimes the cruelty or sheer unpredictability of life’s happenings never seizes to annoy me. after an exciting time, the lecturer decides to pick on me because of my affinity to resting on the table. Well, to my defense i was tired of standing and i was not the only person who was seated on a table. I was just unlucky not to have spotted his stealthy approach but was startled by his barking voice telling me to wake up or i will soon be finding my way to my home. Temper,temper,temper. It seems to be a pre-requisite for lecturers. My mood was considerably dulled but i still had the will to have fun and finish my day on the same note that i began it in.

Is it just me but do tides seem to find it twice as hard to change back to their good waves when they go bad?! My day did not improve at all because when i went to visit a friend after class, they managed to really vex me. In addition to that, the sun seemed to mock my every step back o my hostel room by shining its full wrath on my forehead.On arrival to my room, i hiked atop my bed and i proceed to sleep until i felt better. a good meal always lifts my spirits so i made a delicious blanched vegetable stew which was simply heavenly. Not that i am blowing my trumpet, but let credit be given when and where its its due.(to me)I then remembered that i had earlier purchased tickets to a comedy show and it was due to start in the next few minutes. Excited i put on a sweater and walked expectantly towards the venue with my ticket in hand and ready to have a good laugh.

I meet a big crowd at the entrance and people are streaming in. i greet a couple of friends and i get to the part of handing over the ticket. i couldn’t believe it1 My ticket was not on my had and neither was it in my pocket because i did not have any pockets. I felt like screaming!! i clearly could m=not enter and i did not have any money on me to get other tickets. I could almost felt steam puffing through my ears. I was extremely angry. As i was storming back to my hostel room, i saw the computer center and decided to blog my frustrations. I am typing as i hear people screaming in the background and enjoying every bit of the show where i was also supposed to be at. This is self torture. I am inflicting myself with thoughts of self pity.Why do some things happen to me?

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