The controvercial way to hallmark- Legacy in the non- conventional way.

07 Sep

Looking at my day to day life, i sometimes wonder what kind of a legacy i will leave behind.So to that effect i formulated my master plan to leave my footprint in this world. However i will not indulge you in the details. They are for me to know and for you to witness.

I was recently watching news and i heard of the death of Wambui Mbugua Otieno, famous for her matrimony with a man half her age after her husband died and an excruciatingly long court case about the burial rights. I was amazed to find out that she was instrumental i the fight for freedom in this country. It’s funny how we never get to here all the good things people do until they die or a sudden catastrophe occurs. Controversy is probably the best publicity because good works hardly elicit that much publicity. Everyone, yes everyone, has the tendency to remember the few wrongs people did as opposed to the world of good they might have done. I call it the black stain on a white cloth theory. Glaringly visible and definitely impressionable.

Think of Micheal Jackson. What strikes you when his name is mentioned? His musical prowess? Maybe but immediately after you start thinking of the fact that he could have been called Michelle Instead of Micheal, or the fact that he lived in court because of the defilement charges, or the bleaching drama.Get my drift?

So if you really aren’t too sure you will be able to leave a formidable legacy,or do something worth remembering, Try the vain way to instant stardom.Its fleeting and desperate but then again a drowning man would clutch at a straw,
wouldn’t he?

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