Game face Woman!

07 Sep

sleek and chick

she is expected to be

gay and dainty

nice and rosy

gentle and dandy

at all times smile

light, bright as a daisy

game face woman!


the world be harsh and cruel

madmen the world do rule

times are rough

people are tough

but you

to be a lady you must.

bear insults with a nod

deprivation give it no thought

take your place

woman wear your game face


image of perfection

lose at your own risk

body of an angel

acquire by all means

judged by the cloth

shape of your silhouette


you belong to him

chained by the ring


nothing like free will

apparent head of the home

but more of a heavy load

barks and just eats

a command his every whim.

opt out of it, and the eyes will follow

judging condemning the very morrow

forgetting your suffering

a bout of selective blindness

expecting woman

to put on her game face


sharp and successful

bright and tactful

survival her very instinct

made her mark

proven her worth

but still they sneer

go away,

among men don’t stay

i wonder where were the said men

when the world was running astray


life of a maiden

truly heavy laden

safe to say grossly unfair.

within changing times and tides

scorned for duly adapting?

regardless,she remains unshaken

in her stead a legend is shapen


resilient as steel.

refusing to hide behind the face

fighting from ashes to grace

game face of a fighter.

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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Poetry


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