Laoding up my change guns

06 Sep


One of the biggest jokes about new year is the long list of resolutions that is usually abandoned by the 20th of January or if lucky it will be dragged on until 1st February.  Its no secret that sticking to your guns is a little trick especially when the gun is loaded with blanks and self defense from self is pointless.

The familiar is just so comfortable and hustle free.I hate the fact that you always have to keep explaining yourself to people when you change something about yourself. Who made them prefect in my life? Or dealing with the doomsday prophets who are just watching the clock and waiting for you to relent in your steadfast resolutions. Not forgetting good old laziness. He kicks in just when things start getting tough and renders you steamless to carry on with your plans. Laziness has the uncanny ability to convince you against yourself. the intellectual battles in your head. No wonder they say being number one is easier than remaining number one.

That’s probably why you need to go at your resolutions with all you’ve got with your own bunch of cheerleaders to cheer you on when the coach forgot to hand you your energy drink for your next lap in the field of life.

School has reopened and i am off to campus with my long list of resolutions. I’m literally on fire and bent on changing for the better. (Not implying that i am not good). Its registration day and i am glad top see my friends though i didn’t really get to see all of them.

As expected, we talk about the long holiday. It seems that am not the only one with resolutions. My roomie is intent on going straight and on the long and narrow. Coincidentally i have the same thoughts but my way is unconventional as usual. My other roommate has a good laugh and tells me that they will wait and see if i stick it out for the whole semester. Surely! Does humanity have such little faith in me? But, that laugh is probably all the motivation i need. I like a good challenge. Wait till i get the last laugh. I will belt out a loud irritating prolonged laugh and proudly chant ‘who’s laughing now!!’

I call upon my guts from the pits of fear and declare that nothing that i conceive is beyond my ability to achieve. I call upon… arrgh! Whats the point? I sound like a witch chanting in the woods. I will be all that i can be  so help me Lord!

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