It’s a red lipstick world

06 Sep

If you meet me in town, I’d be the person who looks straight at your eyes when i walk past you.Although i make it brief because i do not intend to neither make people feel awkward nor invaded.Tact is key.You know that the eyes are the window to the soul so i like to have a sneak peek at people souls.You never know if a suicide bomber is in town so it would be nice if i got the memo early enough.I like to believe the evil can manifest itself in the eyes.

In my usual strolls down Nairobi and other streets, i notice the choices in peoples attires and accessories. It crossed my attention that many ladies like wearing red lipstick for this particular reason. Not everyone looks good in it. Period!

Do you ever wonder why the little black dress has remained a classic and passed the test of time, because it leaves room for the wearer to adjust it and wear it in a way that will best flatter the wearers physical endowments.It is not very specific as in a little black halter dress or the little black sleeveless dress. No there is room for modification. Similarly why would people imagine that a single color of lipstick would look good on anyone regardless of their make? Diversity is the spice of life.

Come to think of it, the world somewhat operates on that presumption. People readily take up theories that are purportedly the recipes to success, happiness and bliss. The apparent yardstick of fulfillment. Only to waste precious time and energy until they finally realize that it is not tailor made to suit them. Individuality has continually been kicked and abandoned for popularity or fame. People feel the need to constantly strive to achieve the perceived measure of achievement beauty or happiness. The red lipstick approach to life.

Think about it.

So next time i go shopping for lipstick and i have a choice between red and brown lipstick, I’ll pick both. I look good in both anyway. *wink*

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