I don’t wanna wake

26 Aug


Winding wishes
fancy dishes
life hands me
giving freely

dinner and smiles
laughter and wine
everything all fine
life with me dines

no darkness
just brilliant lights
at peace
no strife
at ease
no constant flight
perfect air
living with flair
no worry no care
my getaway
secret refuge

then i open my eyes
thrust back to reality
then it all comes to me
i was just but dreaming

sing me a lullaby
send me to my only reprieve
where my wish is reality
where bliss is the very air i breathe
take me back
for i don’t wanna wake.

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Posted by on August 26, 2011 in Poetry


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One response to “I don’t wanna wake

  1. Lydia Matata

    January 11, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Hi. I stumbled on your blog on skills pages and girlfriend, I love every little thing i’ve read. Your words are your own-simple, humorous and unpretentious. Pieces of your personality are hidden in every word. I am sorry I have no job to give (am a job seeker myself). I only have this to say- your a great writer. I am new and struggling blogger and yours have shown me to just be myself-something that has been giving me a headache for weeks. Thanks and yes I know that all this is quite a mouthfull.


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