Hell hath no fury like a friend clicked to the curb! Social media’s way of booting friends.

25 Aug


I was in the ladies minding my own business when i heard a couple of girls talking. They were pretty loud so i wasn’t eavesdropping. You must have been deaf not to hear them. So anyway, one of the girls said that she had viewed the face book profile of another girl(who clearly wasn’t here because they were talking about her so bluntly) So apparently she had gone through her friends list and her name was missing. To make it worse, she was even blocked. I could even feel her anger as she was saying that. I was just thinking “Oh gosh! Someone is going to have herself a major confrontation coming her way. I did not envy the offender.


It got me thinking about the age old saying of a friend stabbed you in the back. In this technology and social media age, that expression should be upgraded. It should be some thing like click you to the curb.(HA! I amuse myself. i like the sound of that) That incident was not the only one i have heard of. On my Time Line on twitter, some one once said that he had blocked an old high school classmate who kept on tagging him to old high school photos as if they never grew up. I somewhat see his point in doing that because its rather annoying when someone only wants to dwell on the past. I guess its when life brings no good tidings and what makes you happy are the memories of the good old days…Unfortunately or fortunately(depending on who’s viewpoint you see it from) the blocked guy found out and boy did the offender get himself a tongue lashing!


I thought of it and it actually is very offensive and rude to click someone to the curb. It is synonymous to hanging up on someone’s phone call or just walking away when someone is talking to you. Get it? It doesn’t feel so good. That is where clichés come to the rescue. The same old tactics have been used since time immemorial because they actually do work. If you really must ditch a friend, try not responding to their messages or be off-line more often. Create distance. Then the person is left with two choices. If they are wise enough, they will back off and get the hint. On the other hand, they may become mellow dramatic and start flooding your wall with comments and complaints. Now you can click them to the curb with no remorse at all because you did it with a legitimate reason. They were nagging and flooding your wall. I am a genius aren’t i? Well, not really. I just pointed out how to tactfully click your friends to the curb.


However, let me put a disclaimer. I personally do not practise my own advice so if I have taken too long to respond to any of you messages I am not trying to play smart with you. If I have also been quite for a while, I do not mean anything by that. This post just occurred to me when I was NOT eavesdropping on the conversation in the ladie’s room. This is true!!

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One response to “Hell hath no fury like a friend clicked to the curb! Social media’s way of booting friends.

  1. Lawi

    August 25, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    yer i agree it shud be upgraded to something like “click you to the curb”…en “I am a genius aren’t i?” line is true coz ur ideology is original en en almost perfect…thumbs up…..i like this post..keep them comming


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