Memo from my mind to my heart

24 Aug

Many are the times when I need a wake up call. I seem to be the only one who recognises this because apparently everyone believes my smiles and my happy face all the time. So my mind has formed the habit of sending occasional memos to my heart because it refuses to get involved into the complex web of my emotions.So today I will share a glimpse into one of the memos I just got from my mind;

Dear heart,
There is no need to state my purpose for this memo because you know it very well. it has come to my attention that you are derailing the optimal functioning of the whole being and it is my solemn duty to give you the unemotional and factual take on your current situation or predicament.
1. stop procrastinating!It does steal your time so stop justifying yourself.
2. He doesn’t love you. That’s a fact. You ,the heart, are notorious for your lack of intelligence and that is why I am here to salvage you from eternal stupidity.
3. relax, worrying too much about stuff just drains the body of energy that it could have directed to me to help in thinking up a viable solution.
4. People don’t bite. Don’t live constantly afraid of what people will think of you. Their thoughts do not change your genetic make up so I don’t see why it should influence your behaviour.
5. Allow me to ignore you sometimes because too much emotion hinders you from doing anything. It is for your on good
6. You are not a bad person. There are people who are way worse than you and they are living happy. No one is perfect and that includes you.
6. You are not going crazy. I can prove to you that what you have is furthest away from insanity.
7. You will not die being single. In fact you will love it. Just you wait and see.
8. If you do not like someone, you don’t have to torture yourself trying to stomach them. Just walk away and if they are smart enough they will realise what that means and disappear.

That will be all for today.If your raging emotions will interfere with my functioning, be assured that another memo will be issued.

If you think am crazy, so be it. Trust me, you haven’t seen crazy yet!

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