When decisions make themselves for you

23 Aug


In the search for understanding self, you might have found yourself reading on the traits of the different personality groupings. i know i have. I thank heavens that a person has more han one character because if i didnt, i would even be more indecisive than i already am sometimes. I tend to analyse and overanalyse everything and sometimes there just isn’t time to indulge your mind in neuron exercises.


In relation to that. i recently had a dcision make itself for me. You see there was to be a concert on Sunday by my favourite musician in Kenya. I happened to be part of the team that was selling the tickets so i had to hand over the tickets to the orgnizers on the d- day which was Sunday. I was a little sad because i had  dilemma. I had to go take the tickets to the organiser but i had to decide whether i will go back home immediately or stay on for the concert. The concet was in the evening going on into the night and i happen to live quite a distance away from town. Furthermore, i hadn’t mentioned it to my parents so i risked being skinned at home when i shhowed up late at night.


As i was still deliberating, the clock kept ticking and time was quickly flying by. The masses started arriving and i got renewed energy. I love talking and meeting people so i was having a good time selling to people the CDs and chatting them up. The music started playing and the concert got underway. The artist was brilliant as expected and i had a blast. Of course my mother called me when night started taking over and i did tell her the truth though a little twisted to fit my current situation. I stayed for the most part of the concert but i left while it was still going on because my safety comes on op if my priority list even before my love for music. i got home safe and sound. Save for the lecture on travelling at night and the risks of it from my mother, i can correctly say that i had a peaceful arrival at home and no drama ensued.


I guess the decision had already made itself and was just deluding my mind into thinking that i was still deliberating on the issue. Aren’t i glad for the side of me that just doesn’t care soetimes and does what the heart desires.

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