Paper trail

16 Aug

going up or down
search even under ground
elusive paper
hardly found
has many in chains
tightly bound

sleepless nights
countless hours
drained out.
has no power
a wilted flower
stuck in the mindless chase
treads the pointless steps
but sadly
no potion to his name

high towers
hefty walls
barbed wires
and tech toys
to seal in his spoils.
others laboured
then he extorts
drenched in thin sweat
ghosts over his head
leaps at his own shadow
dreads the very day
fate will him betray
so at all costs
he tries to delay

staring at the dress
intently through the glass display
tag just scares her away
her purse not heavy enough to help
gone round in circles
even been in the wrong circles
trying to make the illusive paper
sometimes without any thought
with her conscience constantly fought
devious means she even sought
but hard lessons
she dearly got
slapped by life
the hard way taught

now you have it
now you don’t
the story of the illusive paper trail
so if you give it your all
forgetting that to life there is more
you will join the sad lot
that sit in deep thought
writhing in regret
that they sold their life
in pursuit of the illusive
paper trail

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Posted by on August 16, 2011 in Poetry


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