Social media truths

11 Aug


I spend a considerable amount of time on social media sites thus i can definitely draw some conclusive facts about them. these are things that i have learnt the hard way or through other peoples’ behaviour. So here are tidbits that will definitely make your social media experience more pleasurable. That is if you care( its okay not to care. Its a free world, isn’t it?)

1. Master the art of talking aloud

Truth is that the most interesting tweeds or face bookers are those who have mastered the art of monologues whether they realise it or not. Thanks to social media, its no longer crazy to talk to yourself! On the contrary it is cool. Well, just as long as your thoughts are interesting and engaging enough. Otherwise keep them to yourself.

2.Have a personality

Copying other people not only shows lack of creativity but absence of the sense of individuality. Nothing sells more than being unique and nothing is more unique than your authentic self. Not that you shouldn’t re-tweet or share another person’s post, no, that will just be cruel to deny the world some needed cheer. The best you can be is yourself. If you are an excellent story teller then go ahead and bombard the world with your concocted stories.

3. Work on your profile

I believe that the same effort that you put into looking presentable should be put into enhancing your profile.Since people can’t see you, your profile is their first impression and insight into who you might be. like it or not. So if you want your profile to look like a colouring book, its perfectly fine. Its your image anyway. If you can’t work on your profile, don’t join the site. Remember that a little effort goes a long way.

4.Grow a tough skin

Fact: Not everyone will like you for whatever their reason.

Solution: Who cares? Its their loss.

To me, this is the most important fact that I have learnt that could even cancel out some of what I said earlier. Learn not to care. So what if some one unfollows you, or unfriends you? So what if i don’t like you profile, its yours isn’t it? A little conceit isn’t bad at all. Its a short life and its best lived happy. Stay where you are celebrated not tolerated.

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