Library pick up styles..

10 Aug

Pick-up lines, cliché or obsolete, have evolved over time. From being laden with intense poetry to those that lack taste at all. Some work and some just serve to stir irritation. That’s why I say if no one has ever complemented you on your verbal punchline prowess, you are better of not attempting a losing battle. So anyway, i have noticed a new trend of guys picking up chicks in the libraries.

Kenya has apparently become a reading and going to college nation so all the nice eligible chicks are in a library somewhere reading if not in class being taught. Personally it has happened to me severally and I have a feeling some guys I usually see alot in the library have studying as the last agenda in their minds. At times i can be rightly branded a book worm, though am not always in books. Knowledge intrigues me and i say the more i know the merrier. So recently, i had a guy this guy who managed to get my number in such an ingenious way until i just had to share.

I was just seated at the computer doing my stuff and this guy passes me a note. it said that:

‘Hi, My name is ….. and i can’t talk. What’s your name?And could I please have your number and email?

First thing I did was look at him. He was cute by all standards and then I looked at the note again. I started thinking, surely a cute guy like that isn’t deaf and dumb.. Sincerely speaking, if a guy sends you a note and says he can’t talk, the first thing you’d think is that he is deaf, right?.. So i quickly scribbled down my number and email and gave him the note. i don’t know if it was out of pity but.. As i was saying, In the course of the note exchanges i asked if he really couldn’t talk or is it that he was in the library? You must have guessed it! the guy laughed out loud and said that he was perfectly fine and that he just didn’t want to talk in the library!!!

Arrrgh!! That was a ten for him and a one for me. I never felt so silly in my life. Fortunately, i have the ability to graciously recover from embarrassing situations so it all became a joke. But its all good. At least am getting myself a lunch treat. 🙂 Plus a post for my blog.

So to all the guys eyeing bookworms or library faithfuls like myself, appeal to their emotions and state your claims in written prose and I think you do stand a good chance of success. It may seem a little dumb and not so exciting but if it works, why not. If its not broken don’t fix it, right? Any way, Just make sure you are interesting enough to keep their attention because after your façade is revealed she might just decide to lash out. After all, getting a number doesn’t guarantee your chances.  Thank technology for the option of blocking or just good old ignoring.

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