Single again. .

08 Aug

I recently checked into singles’ hotel and this time I will just get comfortable and unpack. I probably need to be alone to regroup and fate is trying to teach my stubborn self the hard way.

I am exhibiting my classic relationship withdrawal symptoms:

* Staring at my phone looking at his number and fighting the urge to text.
* Finding myself in perpetual flirt mode when talking with guys.
* Getting irritated by love songs.
* Making endless resolutions and using a lot of never ever in my sentences.
* Staring at my blog wondering if I should post this.

. . And many more I can’t say because I do not need scandals in addition to the drama in my life.

Music can sometimes be very soothing and timely but this time its annoying me. Why you ask? Because the song playing in my mind is can’t believe that I’m a fool again by west life. So much for boy bands aren’t they like meant to make me swoon or something. Who invented relationships anyway. They need to be shot.

However, don’t pay much thought to what I’ve written. I know am not paying attention to myself. I have a thing for ranting today and tomorrow I am back hopelessly in love. Maybe am just addicted to the drama. Or the drama is addicted to me.

So I’ll just get accustomed to my beloved teddy who has always been there for me even when everyone else left as I get my life and thoughts in order. I could get closer to my girlfriends now that my faith in the human male is at a low at this moment. And anyway, who wants to be all consumed with a man and when its time to get married you realise that you don’t have girlfriends to help out with the planning!!

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